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    Spiritual Mood: annoyed
    Status: Now that we have been in the "new" B'net for over two years, I am beginning to get accustomed to it, but I still have my reservations.
    Faith: Other

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  • This is a statement I wrote this last March when I joined the church I now belong to. God is coming into being, a present hope and a ... more

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    September 30, 2009
    7:44 PM
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    Hey, grampawombat. First off, I want to say that you're a phenomenal writer. Your posts, and the observations held within them, are rational, coherent, relevant, and well articulated. Although we probably wouldn't come to agreement on a great number of issues, I see a similarity in our oppenness to new ideas and willingness to challenge our own beliefs. As such, you are an inspiration to me. Your tolerance for all kinds distinguishes you as a philosophical father figure in the ideal sense. I look forward to your posts, as always, and wish you the best. - Korvayer

    April 13, 2009
    5:05 AM
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    November 20, 2008
    1:01 AM
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