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    Please note that: Under Group Forum heading that the threads showing may not be the actual last ones posted. Be sure to go to the General Discussion Board to check for new posts. Here are two ways you can get to ALL of the help threads. 1). To get to the Discussion Board (GodWink threads) click on Forum in the pale blue column at the bottom under the group avatar. After the page changes, click on "General Discussion" beneath the orange "General" in the center of the page. The page will again change and the GodWinks topics (threads) will appear. Click on "NEW THREAD" to ask a new question. 2). If you click on a topic beneath the Group Forum heading above, after reading the thread click on "Discussion Board" (just below "Preferences") to get to all the GodWink topics.

    April 1, 2009
    7:34 AM
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