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    A godwink is what some people would call a coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply an experience where you'd say, "Wow, what are the odds of that!"
    What do godwinks mean? Think about when you were a kid and someone you loved gave you a little wink across the dining room table...Mom or Dad or Grandma. You didn't say "What do you mean by that?" You knew. It meant: "Hey kid, I'm thinking about you right now." That's what a godwink is too: a message of reassurance from above, directly to you, out of six billion people on the planet, saying "Hey kid...I'm thinking of you! Keep the faith! You're never alone."

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    Greetings to all. I've never participated in anything like this so please bear with me. I'd like to share the miracle of my salvation. I believe it's somewhat unusual as the Holy Spirit chased me for years but I never saw it until several years later. Let me explain. Like many people, I came from a pretty abusive childhood. I left home at 15 and married at 18. My marriage wasn't much better than my childhood home but we stuck it out and had 4 children. My husband was a drinker and a chaser and often physically abusive but I had no way to support myself and 4 children with only a 9th grade education. We lived on ten acres of land in the country. One day a young woman came to our house. Neither my husband nor I knew her. She was young, friendly and pretty. She sat and chatted with us for awhile and then said she had to leave. I don't recall her name or much of what we discussed after she left, I only know that I somehow felt better... encouraged. Not as depressed as I had been. Shortly after her visit I made arrangements for childcare and I went into the local community college to ask them what I had to do to be able to attend college there. Long story short, they told me they were offering the G.E.D. tests the very next day and I could take them. I took them, of course. My grades were in the mid 80 percentiles, all praise to God, and I was able to attend college on grants and scholarships. Now, you may consider the unknown lady who visited us at our home the miracle, and she may have been. I'm ashamed to say I hadn't considered that until I started to write this account of my history. I completed my college education and began working immediately as a RN in a local hospital in their ICU unit. I loved it!! My husband didn't change, my children and I were still unhappy but, for some reason I was unable to discover, I could not leave him! I hated him but I also loved him. I was miserable! I burried myself into my work even further. One day I transfered a patient from ICU up to the 6th floor of the hospital. I finished giving the unit RN report and assisted transfering the patient into the bed in the room, as I was taking the empty ICU bed out of the room I heard someone say "Hello Alice". I looked in the direction of the voice only to see an old friend of mine from junior high school. I was surprised, in many ways, to see her as she was very emaciated; just skin covering her bones. But she was setting upright in bed, very alert and animated and she had a beautiful, shekina glow surrounding her entire head, face, and arms. "Mary Ann", I gasped, "What are you doing here"? She looked at me and proclaimed clearly "I have cancer and I'm dying. But I know Jesus Christ and if He's ready for me, then I'm ready to go to Him!" And she was smiling. I can't recall what I said to her. I left the room and leaned against the wall in the hallway thinking:"I wish I had her faith!" I took the bed back to ICU and burried myself in my work My children went to a nearby town to a middle-aged woman child-sitter. There were children the same ages in the neighborhood for them to play with so it all worked out. One day, our youngest daughter, Barbie, asked if she could go to church with one of the kids in the neighborhood. I'd asked the care-giver about this family and had gotten only the best of refrences, so I agreed. This church going ritual soon became a regular occurance. Barbie was always a good kid, fiesty at times, but I was seeing a change in her, a good change, but still a change. The Jim Jones disaster had just occured so I thought I should go and just "check this church out". I ran the idea past my husband and he agreed. So, he stayed home in bed and I went to check the church out. "Everything seemed fine to me", I told my husband. "The preacher sounded like a southern used car salesman"."I think she'll be okay". Time went on and our children grew, married and left home. While we had seemed to have reached a truce, a cold war, so to speak, I was bitterly unhappy and depressed. I was so depressed that it seemed that my sense of color was distorted; instead of seeing color true and bright, I saw color more as shades of brown. I could put on a'social face'/phoney face', but I was dead inside. By this time I had left the ICU and had taken an administrative job in another town. The drive was about one hour each way so I had lot's of time to think each way. And think I did. Mile after mile, to and from work. "All our bills are paid.""We own our home and lake front property free and clear. We have good jobs with pleanty of money, why can't I be happy? Why can't I be happy Why can't I be happy? Day after day,mile after mile. It seemed there would never be any end! My depression deepened! The brown got browner. Finally, one morning as I drove around the lake edge on my way towards work, my question changed just a bit. Instead of why can't I be happy? for some reason, unknown to me, the words that came from my mouth were "What do I need to make me happy?" Immediately, a internal voice filled my mind and said: "You need Jesus Christ in your life as your Saviour". I felt a hot rush flow through my body. I knew instinctively The Voice was The Truth! I pulled my car to the side of the road and clumslily prayed to accept Jesus as my Savior. When I opened my eyes I felt like the character Dorothy, had she been real, must have when her house landed and she opened the door to see color for the first time. Now, I, for the first time in a long time, could see colors again. Wow. Well, believe it or not, there is more! My drinking buddies at work got mad at me. (They're saved now) I didn't tell my husband, at first. I knew that big changes would occur. Finally, one day I said to him, "Honey, what do you think about us going to church?" To my amazement, he agreed to go! We wondered about where to go and finally I suggested that we go to the church that our daughter had gone to. We agreed. I knew that if we went and if the Pastor gave an altar call that I would go forward. Well, we went, an altar call was given and I went forward. My husband also went forward. We were baptized together a few weeks later. NOW!!!Here it comes: As we got to know the Pastor and his wife I was telling them about my friend Mary Ann in the hospital and the unusual glow around her. The Pastor's wife said "You're speaking of Mary Ann Cxxx aren't you?" "Yes",I answered in surprise, "did you know her?" "Know her, she said, "Dear, this was her home church".

    January 11, 2010
    7:09 AM
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    Dear Florence...I know that's not really your name...but I've wanted to start a note that way. Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful "Florence" Paul Harvey would say...I can't wait to hear the "rest of the story" about your mysterious internet penpal. Good wishes and godwinks. SQ

    October 21, 2009
    7:35 AM
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    ATTENTION: Looking for Marena, who posted a story to the community forum in June about the amazing Godwink she and her husband discovered in the basement of their new home. I am very interested in interviewing her for an upcoming book. If you are her, or know of her, please have her contact me asap at . Thank you to everyone who has been posting to the community page. Please continue to share and pass the word among friends and family. The more people we get on board, the better our community will become. As I am currently working on several books, if you have a Godwink story you think might fit in the category of: Pets, Recovery, Times of Sorrow, God's GPS, or general, and you're willing to be interviewed, please email a copy of the story you post on the community page along with your contact information to: . Thank you! Best wishes and winks, SQ

    September 2, 2009
    11:04 PM
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    Ah, this is a great example of God's work. Whether it's a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces all dumped out on the dining room table or millions and millions of stones scattered across a beach, there's one with your name on it. Even if you can't find it right when you want to, God knows that it's there.

    August 5, 2009
    12:43 AM
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