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Switch to Forum Live View Federal Judge Orders Arizona to Identify Execution Drugs
3 years ago  ::  Oct 28, 2015 - 8:45PM #1
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A federal judge won't resume a civil rights lawsuit against the state of Arizona until it reveals which execution drugs it has in its possession.

The order issued today requires Arizona to tell the court which drugs it has and which of the 4 drug combinations it plans to use when it resumes executions.  The lawsuit was put on hold last year, and the state wants it to continue.  Attorneys have until November 18 to respond.

Meanwhile, Arizona is fighting with the feds over a seized $27,000 shipment of sodium thiopental, an execution drug banned in the US.  Arizona and Texas have tried to import the drug, but that's illegal under FDA regs.  The FDA stopped Arizona's drug shipment in July at the Phoenix airport, claiming that it's illegal to import the drug.  Arizona confirmed Wednesday that it had filed an appeal with the FDA over the seizure.  Attorneys for the state say the FDA doesn't have the authority to stop the shipment.

Death penalty states are struggling to obtain execution drugs, resulting in executions being put on hold or in the use of alternative methods.  Utah, for example, brought back firing squads as a backup.  The shortage of drugs began about 5 years ago, when European manufacturers stopped supplying them.

Arizona put executions on hold following the lengthy death of convicted murderer Joseph Rudolph Wood in July 2014.  Officials can't seek death warrants until the lawsuit, filed on behalf of Wood and other death row inmates over the secrecy of execution drugs, is resolved.  Wood took nearly 2 hours to die after being injected with a combination of midazolam (a sedative) and hydromorphone (a painkiller).  State officials have since changed execution protocols twice, ending the use of that 2-drug combination.  It now has 4 drug combinations available as options to use in executions.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 28, 2015 - 8:51PM #2
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All this court time wasted. All this money wasted. Just save money and stop killing people. Duh!

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