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25 June 2012 strip

2 July 2012 strip

"For Heaven's Sake" is a comic strip about the members of a somewhat eclectic congregation.

The current story arc involves a Sunday School teacher who feels that "kids asking questions [she] can't answer" is a sure sign of Satan being afoot. When she finally agrees to start actually answering questions, she begins by asking God why she has to do it.

Suffice to say, quite a few of the people who have commented on both strips aren't happy. The story arc is most likely meant to be "kids say the darndest things" humor, but it ultimately comes across as being about a teacher who doesn't deserve her position.

But what do you guys think?

What would you do if you found out that one of the Sunday School teachers in your congregation was like the one shown in the strip?

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When my mother was in 7th grade, she asked her Sunday School teacher some similar questions.  He told her she was a "daughter of the devil".  She never went back to that church.  But the devil wasn't with the one asking the questions, and didn't walk out the door when she did.

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I've known some people like the teacher, but I'm not sure it was the questions themselves they objected to so much as the manner in which they were asked. I've unintentionally upset people by asking questions in a tone of voice that sounded much harsher or more 'challenging' than I intended. Most people aren't aware of things like that when it comes to how they speak.

That, and I know how some people will ask questions they know the answer to just to get under the teacher's skin or bait her into saying something else they can pick on. My dad told me how he used to annoy his teachers when he was a kid by doing exactly that! So I might not jump to the conclusion that the teacher was the one at fault if I had any reason to wonder.

But if I found out that a teacher was behaving in the way mentioned in the strip and none of the above was happening, I'd think twice about sending my child to her. I don't have kids, so that's academic right now.

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But what do you guys think?

What would you do if you found out that one of the Sunday School teachers in your congregation was like the one shown in the strip?

As a former Sunday School teacher, I never had a question posed to me by a child that I could not easily answer. Even so, I recognize that most Sunday School teachers do not have much religious education themselves, let alone a degree in theology... so rather than judge them by my standard, I would have a talk with her and her administrator to determine is she was really serious about teaching the Gospel to young children. Fortunately most children do not spend their free time wading through Atheistic internet sites looking for difficult questions to fire at their Sunday School teachers.

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