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Switch to Forum Live View Mom drives off w/ baby on top of car.
6 years ago  ::  Jun 05, 2012 - 1:05PM #21
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Jun 5, 2012 -- 12:27PM, Thetwofish wrote:

Jun 5, 2012 -- 10:10AM, Girlchristian wrote:

Jun 4, 2012 -- 8:38PM, Thetwofish wrote:

Jun 4, 2012 -- 4:21PM, Cesmom wrote:

What amazes me is that there are so many pot smokers out there who don't acknowledge that this is a mind-altering drug and you shouldn't be driving (or trying to take care of children) while under the influence of a mind altering drug.'s a no brainer I would think.  

Have you ever smoked it?  It doesn't make one go relaxes you.  You don't lose your senses like you do when you drink too much.  My kids were never in danger due to my marijuana use.

One of my longstanding jokes is that it saved their lives on a few occasions.  LOL!

They are now 22 and 28 and wonderful people.



I've used more than my fair share of pot and it is mind-altering and it's not a drug one should use while driving or trying to take care of children. It may not make one go skidzo (other than some good old-fashioned paranoia in some), but one sure isn't fully aware of what's going on around them when high.

I don't know what kind of pot you been tokin' but I'm always aware of my surroundings.  Getting raging drunk?  Not so much...  Which is why I am a moderate drinker now...too many good times I couldn't remember.  Decided I wanted to remember the good times



Pot, like any other drug, affects different people in different ways. To say it's "safe" to smoke around children is irresponsible.

It never made me "mellow." I never got WTF people were talking about when they said they got stoned to be "mellow."

I actually tripped hard on pot, almost to the point of full-blown hallucinations a time or two -- and  could even get a little edgy. (And yes, I tried several different varieties of it.)

Hence, I would tend to not go around people I didn't know when I got high. I either did it inside, or way, way out in the woods, which just a close trusted friend or two.

Like I said in my previous post -- it was just something I did for a while when I was in my early 20s, had no responsiblity, and was free to experiment. I've never had the slighest desire to touch it since. Certianly not since I had children. 

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6 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2012 - 8:47PM #22
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If you were tripping, then the pot you smoked those times was probably cut with another drug--one of the ways dealers got people hooked on something stronger. Had a friend who recognized the symptoms.

I can understand medical marijuana, both from the muscle relaxant and the "munchies" effects. I can't help thinking sometimes if we just legalized it and then taxed it to death like they do cigarettes how much more revenue the government would have.

Than God that the baby was found and wasn't hurt. Sounds like being taken away from Mom was a good thing whether Mommy was high or not. It would have been dangerous inside the car if Mommy was that stoned and driving.

There's a major difference between having some at night and being so stoned you forgot to move your baby inside the car to me.

If I have to take something for break-through pain, I don't drive. The law here considers driving while under the influence to include drugs as well as alcohol.

Teens get the idea that if they have a baby, then they'll have someone who will always love them, love them as soon as they are born, and just can't comprehend how 24/7 caring for a child can be.

Then there are the children born to "save" a relationship--something I've never seen work.

I respect the couples I've known who chose not to have children because they preferred a lifestyle that didn't include parenthood.

"You are letting your opinion be colored by facts again."
'When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you."
these are both from my father.
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6 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2012 - 10:30PM #23
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One thing about being older is my adult children survived being driven around without car seats, since there weren't any.  My oldest daughter had a seat which hung over the front seat.  It had a steering wheel and a red horn.  Nothing safe about it, but she could see where we were going.

Thank goodness the child was in a car seat and not just put on top of the car.  This so called mother could use some parenting classes.  imo. 

In my life I've forgotten lots of things, but never where any of my children were.  Reminds me of a parent who forgets their child is in their car, and the child dies from the heat in the summer.

What is wrong with this picture?

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6 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2012 - 11:45PM #24
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Years ago, I can remember reading a heart-breaking story online (from Wisconsin, I believe), in which a mother had put her little toddler daughter in the backseat of her car, buckled into her car seat, and then driven off to drop the child off at daycare before she went to work herself. 

So far, so good.  But, distracted by some message she got on her cell phone (I think), the mother completely forgot about dropping off the child and just drove herself to work instead, with the girl still in the backseat.

The child was not discovered until some hours later, when the father went to the daycare centre to pick up the girl and was told she'd never been dropped off.

He immediately contacted his wife who, suddenly realising what had happened, raced out to the parking area to her car, where the toddler was still sitting.  If it had been spring or early summer, with mild weather, it might still have been all right - except that it was the middle of a very cold winter, and the poor little kid had frozen to death.

I always remembered that story because it must have been so horrifying for the parents to realise what had happened, and how the mother had caused her daughter's death.

What I also remember is that the police said they would not prosecute the mother because they felt she was punishing herself more than they ever could.


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6 years ago  ::  Jun 07, 2012 - 7:09AM #25
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That happened here in Ohio about 2 years ago. Usually the mother dropped the baby off at the babysitter, but that day she needed her husband to do it. He headed off for work, probably driving on auto-pilot and left their infant daughter in her car seat in the car. it wasn't until lunch time when some co-workers were upset about someone leaving a baby inside the car on a hot day that he remembered and rushed out. (the co-workers had called 911 as soon as they saw the baby)

It was too late, of course, since it was over 90 that day. In the end, he wasn't charged with anything; the consensus was that there was nothing they could do to him that was more horrible than what he was going to suffer for the rest of his life.

"You are letting your opinion be colored by facts again."
'When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you."
these are both from my father.
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6 years ago  ::  Jun 07, 2012 - 11:38AM #26
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Several years ago when on a day-long road trip for a weekend in the mountains, as soon as I got out of the city and on open interstate, I set the cruise control at about 5 mph above the posted speed limit (I’ve always heard that you won’t get a speeding ticket for going just 5 mph above the limit). Then after the after-lunch quarter-joint, I noticed I would set the cruise control at the speed limit, and was driving much more politely. Needless to say, I was enjoying the music and rolling scenery much more.

Of all the millions of Americans who have smoked marijuana and driven a car, driving off with anything left on top of the car is an extreme rarity. On the other hand, it is comparatively common for parents, who have not smoked, to leave children in cars or places; there are numerous cases every summer where forgotten infants die in broiling cars.  

I realize it must be gratifying to attribute the incident in the OP to the woman having smoked marijuana. That’s a nice simplistic explanation, exactly the kind of thing that squares like. Nevertheless, it is most likely a self-deception to attribute this incident to the woman having smoked marijuana.

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6 years ago  ::  Jun 27, 2012 - 1:38PM #27
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As a young person, I knew drugs and alchohol and tobaco etc were really bad for living things, but under enormous peer pressure to "just try it" I did. I will remember the incident for the rest of my life.

I was holding a glass of water in my left hand and took a couple of drags on the joint proffered me. Right away I got that "feeling" and before I knew it I had dropped the glass of water out of my left hand.

At that point I returned the joint, and told the rest of the fools in the room that they were idiots to ingest anything that caused the dropping of a glass from the hand involuntarily. And further that I had no interest in being "relaxed" to that extent.

That was the end of my pot experimentation. Conclusion? All pot heads should be treated to long stretches of hard labor, at least 5 such years for the first offense. Ditto for Alcohol and Tobacco for that matter. There are absolutely no socially redeeming value in any of these. Freedom under our Constitution does not cover these things, and othe such at all.  No one has the "right" to do these things, or similar clearly destructive things. 

This "woman" should have to pay back every penny the police and government has to spend on this, if it takes her a lifetime to do it, and permanently lose custody of this abused child, along with a hefty fine of at least 5000 dollars, and do at least a year of hard labor in prison, and pay child support for life to help defray any future costs of this child's care. Failure to follow this plan and pay, should result in more years of hard labor 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All this to deter others who migh dare to think of doing any of these things she did, including dyeing her hair Pink. Color me, Old Testament Dad. 

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