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2 years ago  ::  Jun 04, 2012 - 11:41AM #201
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Here is an interesting article on the effects of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law from the Tampa Bay Times.

"When it shall be said in any country in the world, my poor are happy; neither ignorance nor distress is to be found among them; my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars; the aged are not in want, the taxes are not oppressive; the rational world is my friend, because I am a friend of its happiness: When these things can be said, then may the country boast its constitution and its government." -- Thomas Paine: The Rights Of Man (1791)
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2 years ago  ::  Jun 04, 2012 - 12:25PM #202
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Interesting article, it certainly shows that the law is so poorly written that it's far too open to subjective interpretation.  Things like "you can't shoot a fleeing man in the back and claim self-defense" should be obvious, but apparently not?

I'm glad that this case is bringing attention to the law, but I don't think the law applies here.  Regardless of how you wind up in that situation (unless you yourself were first a mortal threat to your assailant), when you're laying on the ground underneath someone who is beating you, you don't need a stand your ground law.  Stand your ground only waives your duty to retreat.  When retreat is physically impossible, stand your ground is not part of the equation, is it?

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2 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2012 - 10:44PM #203
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Jun 26, 2012 -- 2:27AM, michaelcadry wrote:

Hi Y'All BeliefNetter's:

I've had some extraordinary experiences in my life including angel visits, visions, and even the Lord speaking to me.  The first angel said, "Fear God and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come; and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters."  I was amazed at seeing the angel and when he spoke it was with a loud commanding voice.  I finally ran to call my new girlfriend to tell her to come over that night, and my best friend's family, and our family, except my youngest sister, so I could tell them all that had happened to me.  The Lord had visited me ten days earlier, but I will have to let you read it in the book so I don't have to retype everything.  The Lord told me I was one of the two witnesses and olive trees that would prophecy during the latter days.  So I went with it, but no one would believe me except a couple close friends.  They all thought, who is this guy who would go through such things.

Anyways, I hope it's okay to tell you to go to my site at

I'm telling the truth, so help me God.  This is my testimony of what I have seen and heard from the Lord and the angels, and also the visions I've had.  Thank YOU so MUCH!

Praise God For Raising Up Jesus For All of Us.



What does that have to do with the topic at hand?  Take your spam elsewhere, please.

Dark Energy. It can be found in the observable Universe. Found in ratios of 75% more than any other substance. Dark Energy. It can be found in religious extremists, in cheerleaders. To come to the conclusion that Dark signifies mean and malevolent would define 75% of the Universe as an evil force. Alternatively, to think that some cheerleaders don't have razors in their snatch is to be foolishly unarmed.

-- Tori Amos
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Jun 26, 2012 -- 10:44PM, Sacrificialgoddess wrote:

What does that have to do with the topic at hand?  Take your spam elsewhere, please.


I remember this guy from years ago here. I believe he was the primary reason they created the Conspiracies and Theories area, so as to have a place to  move his stuff to.


There is no talking reason with him,btw. Better to just ignore it. It gets really weird otherwise.

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