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6 years ago  ::  Jan 06, 2012 - 8:50AM #1
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First off, I want to say that NOT all teachers are bad teachers. I know LOTS of teachers who are great (I probably know at least 6, if not more teachers). My mom is a retired teacher as well, and was great at what she did, and she loved it. But I stumbled upon an article which talks about an indicent that happened in 2010, where a teacher instructed a young student to cross a mound of snow. While attempting to cross it, the student fell and broke his leg, and so could not walk. When he told the teacher he could not walk, he was then told by the teacher to crawl through the snow back to the school. The family is suing the school/ teacher for this. My outrage is that it appears the teacher was not repremanded in any way. Did other teachers not see/ learn of what happened? If so, why didn't they stand up for the student and do something about it? Ok, I am not a teacher so I don't know how things work in that regard (a teacher does something seriously wrong, but bis not actual true abuse, like physically or psychologically harming a student), but still. That child could have sustained further damage to his leg that could have resulted in perminant damage to the limb. Here is the link to the article:

Side note, but something from the article. Aparently not that long ago, a grade 2 student was told by school officials to walk home, across a freeway. This horrified me. But then I thought: with many professions (teachers, doctors, nurses, nursing home care workers, day care teachers), the place that gives a person their job in their field has no idea how that person will be with the said population. Even if they had placements while they were in school, that person could look at it as : "This ia a good paying profession (say nurse), and if I just get through school and graduate I am all set", rather then going to nursing school because they are completely passionate about becoming one, and wanting to help people. Now of course, most persons who become whatever are not ones who are doing so JUST for the money. But anyway. This article kind of shocked me. I can remember my sister injuring herself quite a bit at school (for a few years she was quite accident prone). Not that she broke a limb at school, but I remember her once falling and getting a little stone in her wound on her eyebrow. And they DID call my mom. And compared to a broken limb, this was relatively minor. And yet they still called my mom.
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