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6 years ago  ::  Dec 05, 2011 - 2:51AM #21
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Ken--did you know it's been shown that somone who insists on making jokes when others are in he middle of a serious discussion about death has been proved to be very afraid of death?

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6 years ago  ::  Dec 05, 2011 - 8:38AM #22
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Dec 4, 2011 -- 11:30PM, Wanderingal wrote:

Amen amen on the organ donation.

And after that if you really want an all natural body disposal get sent out to the desert here and left above ground--dessication in a very few days depending on the season--and providing nourishment for a wide variety of organisms from the microscopic on up the chain alll the way to scavengers including eagles and hawks to feed their offspring.

That's one way-in addition to organ donation--to insure that even your physical body will live on and contribute to the contiuning flow of life......This is the way some Native American Peoples "bury" their dead. It is also a custom among some India Indian Peoples.

 (This would mean no embalming--all natural--get packed in dry ice for the trip to the desert.)

But can people legally bury bodies above-ground any longer? Every authority that I have conversed with, and all the books that I have read on U.S. burial laws, assert that it cannot legally be done. The body must either be cremated or buried below ground (and depending on state laws and local zoning laws, natural burial, private home burial, and burial in a private family burial ground are three possible options).

In fact, certain states even have burial statues that specify how many inches of dirt must cover a body and how far away a burial must be from a water supply. For instance, in California bodies must be buried at least 18 inches underground and a private home cemetery must have at least six bodies in it at all times. In New Mexico, a body must be buried at least 50 yards from a water supply (a lake, a stream, etc.), five feet from a property line, and at least six feet underground. 

If a body is discovered to have been left out in the open, it is not only considered a public health hazzard but is also considered a potential homicide pending an autopsy and toxicology report to determine cause of death. The person(s) responsible for the above-ground burial, if identified, can be arrested for unlawful transportation, unlawful care, and either indecent disposition of a body or refusal/neglect to bury the body within a reasonable length of time following death. 

From what I have been told, even the Lakota in South Dakota no longer practice above-ground tree burials and scaffold burials but currently practice Christian-style underground burials in established cemeteries. In addition, I have read that Tibetan Buddhists (who practice jhator, "sky burial") and Zoroastrians (who practice Dakhma-nishini, "funerary tower burial") are currently not allowed to practice their traditional above-ground burials in the U.S.

What states and public policy consider decent burials and what particular individuals, families, or religions consider decent burials are not always in agreement. Again, from what I have read, the assumption in the U.S. is that the proper burial of a body is unfortunately not just the private concern of the deceased individual (i.e., burial according to his or her wishes) or the private concern of the family of the deceased, but is a public concern of society as a whole. 

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6 years ago  ::  Dec 05, 2011 - 4:45PM #23
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Reading casually the literature that I came across in the undertakers as I helped finalize the arrangements for my late aunt, I learned that it is possible to be converted into a diamond.  What a thought!  My remains can, in effect, be so processed that carats come to figure soon than carrots.  Would that grab you? The ones I leave behind can sport me on their appropriate finger.  Presumably an ‘ex’ can be, by force of circumstances and with the grim determination of an aggrieved partner, converted into a dis-engagement ring.  Imagine the chatter, the scintillating, sparkling conversation that cannot but attend such a dis-engagement party!  “Oh my goodness, dear!  What an exquisite ring!  Where did you get it - or rather precisely ‘how’ did you acquire it?”  Into a diamond?  What a terrible and expensive yet sparkling fate!  Not for me!

For me an eco affair.  I arranged that for my dear friend - a lovely woodland area next to The Old Winchester Way in the County of Hampshire, sort of Jane Austen country - a delightful spot.  There it is usually no coffins of hard wood but one made of easy-to-rot-and-decay vegetable material.  My friend, being Islamic by birth, had a shroud.  That is what I shall have, I hope.  The custom in Iran, where the body is buried but a very short distance from the surface soil, is for a close relative to rip one side of the shroud so that just one half of the face is exposed before being covered with earth.  This would not be allowed in a municipal cemetery though where the eco burial is concerned, my friend was buried so deep that that particular custom was difficult to effect but those who managed the burial site were not averse to the custom’s being followed.

Conversion into a source of marketable energy would, I think, be a faith too much for me - perhaps the fate worse than death.

One of my aunts did, to spite her neighbours and put a blight on their property insist on being buried in her own back-garden (a small garden) and have a headstone.  The executors who had the last word ruled it out - the property would not sell and they not be able to enjoy any bequests.  Adjacent properties would likewise be blighted but she had sought out - and was granted by the local authority - permission for such an enterprise.

Adam Cro-Magnon

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6 years ago  ::  Dec 13, 2011 - 4:47PM #24
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