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3 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2011 - 3:10PM #1
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It is with sorrow that we've recently learned of the death of long-time Beliefnet member Scott Scarborough.  Many will remember him as Randy420.  Although he'd not been active on Beliefnet recently, he was active here for many years.  You can find a number of his (hilarious :-) posts and threads on the archived Being Single board.

Sadly, Scott was found dead on Thanksgiving Day near a wooded area relatively close to his home in Auburn, Alabama.  According to Scott's family and the police, no foul play is suspected at this time.  According to the coroner, Scott had been dead for roughly 48 hours.  The cause of his death has yet to be determined, and the case is still under investigation.  Scott had last been in contact with his family a week before his body was found.

Scott was 44 years old.  He was originally from Dallas, Texas, but had lived in Alabama (Jacksonville and Oxford) for the past five years.  He'd lived in Auburn for the last six months.

Scott’s service will be a private family event.  However, a celebration of Scott's life is tentatively planned for Saturday, December 3 in Plano, Texas, for all friends of Scott and his fellow alums.  Scott's music, photography, poetry and humor will be celebrated.

Scott's family is very aware that many folks have expressed a desire to send gifts and condolences to a specific address.  While the family understands and appreciates the need for folks to reach out in this lovely way, the family feels that the best gifts Scott's family and Scott's son could receive are the memories provided through your moving thoughts and hysterical "Scottisms".  Please feel free to post them here Innocent

You can get to know Scott better - and find out more about the planned celebration of his life - on the family's Help Find Scott Scarborough Facebook page.

We in the Beliefnet Community mourn our loss and the loss of Scott's life.  We send our condolences to Scott's son and family.

Rest in peace, Scott Kiss


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3 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2011 - 10:54PM #2
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So sorry to ehar that.

I didn't know Scott but it sounds like he was a real asset to our corner of the internet world.

I'll be sending thoughts and prayers for him and his loved ones.


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3 years ago  ::  Nov 29, 2011 - 12:20PM #3
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Yes, Scott was a vital part of the Singles board for a lot of years.  His wit, his zany humor, his outlandish sayings, etc., kept us all laughing.  His compassion, his caring, his ability to reach out when someone needed a friend, let us all know we were truly loved.  He shared his life, his love (Victoria's First Secret, aka, Sheryl), his family, his photography, his poems and songs and let us all know we are part of the "family of man".  He never failed to touch each of us every time we read one of his posts.  Sometimes, it was just to let someone know they still put their pants on the same way the rest of us do.  Sometimes, it was to remind us that we are all human, and we have human failings in common with all other humans.

Scott was truly a beacon of hope for many of us.  He was also one of the craziest people I have ever come in contact with!!  Sharing his crazy side, enduring his off beat humor, seeing life through his photo lens, and knowing he was always there if we needed a friend kept the Singles board alive.

Scott will be truly missed in this life.  Heaven is far richer for our loss.  He showed us so much, yet asked for only friendship in return.

May our dear friend and life companion on this journey rest in peace.


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3 years ago  ::  Nov 30, 2011 - 12:22AM #4
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How terribly sad. Much to young. May he rest in Peace.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 30, 2011 - 11:39AM #5
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He will be missed.

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3 years ago  ::  Dec 02, 2011 - 1:25AM #6
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In memory of Scott ~ RIP

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3 years ago  ::  Dec 02, 2011 - 1:53PM #7
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I used to post in the singles area a long time ago.  I don't know if my posts ever crossed his eyes or not, but my condolences to all his friends and family.


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