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11 years ago  ::  Oct 18, 2007 - 11:37AM #1
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I teel ya i have heard alot of people comment to me why dont you listen to women bands and have women as your  mentors instead of all the hard rcok bands, and I get the feeling that some think its abnormnal for me to like mostly male bands sense Im a woman and hard rcok as opposed to Diva and female bands.

I gonna going tell you something.

BLONDIE< PAT BENETAR AND JOAN JETT like them all, Blondie is the only one Id spend money on shes great like her music and the way she performs.I watch her on Music on Demand when I can.

I dont like the music, Diva music and Pop and poprock music is not my thing.
Alot more women in those type of music sleections then others I dont like the music, i will say this though.

Cher and Tina Turner, i consider them to be rock, but some have used the term Diva music for them so i will talk about them, they are GREAT great examples of how Divas and Pop artists should interact with their fans and behave. I wish that more Diva type performers could learn from them.

I only like 2 or 3 of their songs so i cant say Im really say Im  a fan of Tina and Cher, but on behavior and interaction with the public, yea man theyre right there.Theyre with it.

I have watched reality tv shows with on the road with famous Divas of today and have watched their concerts.

There are some relaly over the top Divas who have millions of fans and and are loved world wide, and alot of times I feel like Im losing my mind, because leaving music out of it,I hate them, their behavior, the wya the respond with people, i actually find the most popular ones to be cold, distant and vain and narscisistic.Im not talking about Britany and the crazy ones with bad reputations, Im speaking about Divas from the 90's Im not naming names here, and one or 2 that Ive even liked one or 2 of their songs from,had excellent great great songs out people fell in love with them. ive watched them many of them on the On The Road type reality shows on VH1 and MTV and they sit there the whole time talking about themselves and how there rushed by all of their million fands and sit there infront of the camera talking about the clothes theyre wearing their makeup and their sexuality and how sexy and good they look, and they sound like the most selfish unlikeable people I have ever seen, I cant stand em, and theyve got a zillion fans.

Whats wrong with me am I crazy?They perform and many of them have routines and dance
routines completely choreagraphed for them, they ignore their audiences they come off as cold
they perform and dont interact with their audiences dont speak to them dont get excited with them just get in the cmaera and perform their choreagraphed routine they have perfectly down as if, they have an attitude of LOOK how hot I am I dont even have to think for myself Im so hot.

I cant stand them! Its odd to me that women wonder why I dont like the Diva music more, sorry I find them unlikeable and selfish and cold and a turn off when it comes to interacting with the media and their fans.

Britany and I hate to bring her into this, but she had that fanous kiss with Madonna on stage for the music awards, I wish she had learned a little more about manners in public and interaction with people from Maddonna. But now Im speaking of not the ones like brit who have a bad reputation but women with great hits out and well loved and respected, I feel like Ive lost my mind when it comes to that, I saw one with her reality tv show on VH1 a well respected supposedly good girl loved with a zillion fans all over, and it was like her tv show was all about LOOK HOW HOT I AM> That weas it, Im like OMG shes very unlikeable. I cant believe these people are so famous.
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 18, 2007 - 12:29PM #2
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Ok here it is in a nutshell. I cant actually say theres anything wrong or bad with these people. They arent behaving badly or crazy in the public and some of them have a couple of good songs and even if I dont like their music others do its a different genre.

They are very very performance oreinted. I guess these days that in style. I hate it.

Heres some differneces. They may have their dancing choreographed or whatever.They dont talk alot and interact with their audiences but theyr e liked so thats their business not mine. Some women have asked why do i like AC/DC over womans Diva music here we are in a nutshell.
I saw AC/DC on VH1 perform one of their first concerts with Bon Scott  in 77, in Europe,the audience was fairly dead not reacting hooping and hollering much, while they were performing
in the beginning, Angus ran out into the audience, ran up stairs with his guitar, put his guitar next to one the audience memeber made them laugh, the audience started shouting and laughing and having a goods time he started doing flips and reolling down the stairs with his guitar and acting crazy with the audience, thats what im talking about!

Groups who are interatcive with their audience they a relationship with their fans yea baby!

I dont get taht at all from alot of teh younger performers I really dont.

They PERFORM! I gfuess if thats what young people like thats their deal, i hate it.

I dont like Diva music because of that one thing, they are excellent perfect performers thats it with no people interpersonal skills.
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 18, 2007 - 2:22PM #3
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OK, I have to agree with you here. I don't like Diva music either. It does seem a bit over done and over did and fake, very fake. I think most of them lip sinc the songs while performing. Its silly. I think a wanabe Diva is britney spears. But she really is not. Not now.
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 20, 2007 - 5:39PM #4
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I can relate to you with that. People always seem to think I should like some songs and some bands just because I am female, young and look in a certain way. I never did like these bands, I always had a feeling their songs were about nothing at all and interchangable. I eventually discoverred that the marketing behind the bands or divas was something which I instinctively disliked.

For me the 'cure' was to change my habits and instead of MTV and VH1, to turn to webradios and CreativeCommons music. Where else, except in the subculture are songs possible with titles like: "the heart is a muscle the size of a fist" or "letter from mars". It's not a problem to dislike the marketing, it's something good!
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 20, 2007 - 5:45PM #5
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Yea i  know, its almost like its sexist, they dont get offended by seeing guys or men wearing hard rock tshirts but Ive had sevreral women balk and yuck my AC/Dc tshirt remarking how evil they are , but if a guy were wearing it theyd have nothing to say about it.

We're suppose to look up to women role models but too many of these Diva types are shallow
and into theirselves they dont have people skills.

The music you listen to sounds real funky its probably got a real feel to it like their talking about the real world, Diva music sounds to me fake looks fake and everything seems to be dependent on their looks and choreographed dance performances for them to do well they entertain but dont connect with the music and their fans.
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