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"No freedom without education"
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5 years ago  ::  May 15, 2013 - 3:52PM #2
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Nice post Mlyons!!!

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5 years ago  ::  Jul 12, 2013 - 1:42PM #3
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THE hot topic on USN&P Board right now -- feel free to weigh in with YOUR views or opinions:

Zimmerman Trial

Yes ...

The assigned Task of a Neighborhhod Watch Guy is NOT to intimidate, stalk, frighten, and pursue an innocent Teenager on his Way Home from The Store ... and then SHOOT him ...

I am a VERY Peaceful Person who practices Non-Violence at every turn (I have NEVER been in a FistFight) ... But I am also a RESPONSIBLE Gun Owner ... I'm Trained ...

If some Self-appointed (ARMED !!!) "creepy Ass" Vigilante would EVER follow and harrass one of MY Children or GrandChildren in MY Neighborhood, following her or him to MY front Door ... Well ... I am NON-Violent in my own SELF-Defense but I would not hesitant for even ONE Second to use Deadly Force to defend and protect one of my innocent Young Ones ...

George "Night Stalker" Zimmerman  VIVIDLY  showed that HE is a Dangerous Person ... For the Sake of the Safety of innocent Persons in EVERY Community, HE needs to be locked up for a While ...

Jul 12, 2013 -- 10:02AM, rabello wrote:

Jul 12, 2013 --  9:47AM, BeerLover wrote:

And I strongly object to Martin's efforts to get away.  If he wanted to simply run to his house, he could have easily made it before Zimmerman caught up.

Easy to say what Martin should have done from our favorite tv chairs while ignoring the fact that he wasn't even an adult and had no knowledge of the fact that the man who was "watching" him from a truck, then following him in that truck, then following him on foot, was the Big Kahuna of the Neighborhood Watch Operation.   Zimmerman COULD HAVE avoided all this had he just identifiied himself from the safety of his truck.  But, no, he was too upset that the "THESE A-holes always get away".

Consder this:  George Zimmerman didn't even want to give out his phone number from the safety of his truck for fear of having one of "THESE A-holes" close enough in proximity to his truck to hear the number.

If that is understandable, why is it not understandable the Martin, not knowing who was following him or why, would lead a stalker to the home where his 12 year old cousin was waiting for him, putting himself and his younger cousin in danger.

Be fair.

"No freedom without education"
            --Thomas Jefferson

"NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition"
            -- Monty Python
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