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Security Freeze

What it is:

You may place, temporarily lift or remove a  security freeze on your Equifax credit file under state law or the  Equifax voluntary security freeze program. A security freeze is designed  to prevent the information in your Equifax credit file from being  reported to others, such as credit grantors and other companies, except  those exempted by law or those for whom you contacted us and requested  that we temporarily lift the security freeze or those that access during  a period of time when you requested we temporarily lift the security  freeze.  

Continues at Equifax

The three major credit reporting agencies are Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

Installing your own security freeze on your accounts, (Freeze all three reporting agencies, because those who want to send you spam credit card applications, steal your ID, etc... scour all three for your information. ) , is free or costs a minimal one time fee. Companies like Life Lock charge a monthly fee and aren't as reliable, because if they alert you as to fraudulent activity on your account you have to respond in time to stop the transaction.

DO NOT put a security freeze on your accounts, if you plan on applying for credit the next day. You can temporarily lift the freeze, when/if you want to apply for credit, loan, mortgage, etc...

It's worth the time, to save your credit and protect your ID.


FEE'S. (Check these links to see if the security freeze will cost you anything. *By State*)



EXPERIAN *FREE if applied on-line* (**Link at Home Page to Identity Theft Protection**

Consumers Union's Guide to Security Freeze Protection

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