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One Law For All LINK

In the spirit of unity not exclusivity, the One Law For All campaign seeks to make clear we can not cleave the world in twain, so that violence, discrimination and hate are given exemption to lawfully exercise an expansionist agenda that seeks, much like the Borg in the old Star Wars episodes, so as to assimilate all cultures into one ideology.

This world is a magnificent tapestry of colors and philosophies, that embrace peace, love, unity and respect for this finite life where we are entitled to learn from one another, while undertaking our personal elective journey toward our own personal destiny.

The History of Sharia law holds no such respect. But Governments around the world seem to think it's OK to tolerate "just a little" Sharia, which is all it needs to take a lot. When a friend of mine sent a postcard from the Netherlands recently, I was amazed to see Minarets dotting the landscape. Somehow, Muslim iconography in the Netherlands landscape never occurred to me. And then, in the next envelope he forwarded me a copy of this conference he was slated to attend> LINK

 There is a counter movement afoot that claims the so called, "Islamification" of Europe is a myth. Not so, as even the Archbishop of Canterbury did attest, before he was forced to retract his words: 

Archbishop of Canterbury argues for Islamic law in Britain *Link*


Maya Angelou once said; If someone tells you who they are, believe them.

Sharia Law is quite clear. It's an expansionist creature intent on occupying it's place in the world and making this planet cleave itself between "their" law and those of the land it occupies. As if they're above those laws of countries Muslim people occupy, but yet their own Sharia law occupies it's right to govern separate and apart and yet officiate over certain citizens that are non-Muslim that may violate it's tenets. Just ask Abu              Izzadeen, of Great Britain.

So if you'd like to learn more about the Political - Religious landscape abroad and as it perpetuates itself toward more of the Western territories, investigate the link at the top of the OP. Freedom comes through education. Oppression populates campaigning with violence, to install ignorance.

"Remember, Jesus would rather constantly shame gays than let orphans have a family."
Stephen Colbert
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