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6 years ago  ::  Mar 18, 2012 - 5:30PM #1
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What is truth? Mathematics.

What is good?  Miracles

What is light?  Signs

What you speak is eternal

What you see is infinite

What you hear is limitless

When was peace?

Where is love?

What will be light?

Soul's devotion

Body's belief

Mind's faith

Will to win

Question of causality

Enlightenment of chaos

Life teaches wisdom

Food questions our survival

Water tests our strength

A submitting soul

A losing body

A winning mind

Poetical human

Working jinn

Teaching angel

Competition of Resurrection

Question of death

Test of life

Eternal afterlife

Nothing death

Everything life

To get it right at the right time

To observe the timeline of events

To know the result

Mathematics of the Quran

Miracles of the Gospel

Signs of the Torah

Writing of the soul

Art of the body

Music of the mind

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6 years ago  ::  Mar 26, 2012 - 5:08AM #2
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Ok :-)

Disclaimer: The opinions of this member are not primarily informed by western ethnocentric paradigms, stereotypes rooted in anti-Muslim/Islam hysteria, "Israel can do no wrong" intransigence, or the perceived need to protect the Judeo-Christian world from invading foreign religions and legal concepts.  By expressing such views, no inherent attempt is being made to derail or hijack threads, but that may be the result.  The result is not the responsibility of this member.

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6 years ago  ::  Mar 26, 2012 - 4:51PM #3
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And the latest inspiration I have got is ......

Mathematics of the Quran

Miracles of the Quran

Signs of the Quran
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6 years ago  ::  Mar 27, 2012 - 5:16PM #4
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Mar 26, 2012 -- 4:51PM, visio wrote:

And the latest inspiration I have got is ......

Mathematics of the Quran

Miracles of the Quran

Signs of the Quran

Mathematics of the Quran -  As noted in the account of Muhammadsaw's Mi'raj (Ascension), there is always a continously changing batches in a flow volume control of 70,000 angels , passing thru the "GATE" at a spiritual station referred to as Sidrat-ul-Muntaha, to enter/return to the Kingdom of ALLAHswt.   By the same token there is an outflow of 70,000 Lights of Creation to be paired - 35,000 of Adams and 35,000 of Eves,  to make up the dynamics of the non-talking Universe.   To keep it all balanced and existing, there is thus continous creation, destruction/undreation, and recreation. 

Miracles of the Al-Quran - There are 29 arrangements of a set of Arabic alphabets that when they are sounded as the first verse in 29 of the Al-Quranic suras (chapters), no Arabs can explain/rationalise their meanings.   The Al-Quran is therefore not meant for the Arabs only.

Signs of the Al-Quran - In spite of the technological and scientific progress achieved by mankind, and whatever civilisation one may call it, we stll have the earthquakes, the floods, lightnings, cyclones, tornadoes, and disease epidemics/endemics, bushfires, famines and genocide my man and by ALLAHswt.

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