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9 years ago  ::  Jul 31, 2009 - 8:19AM #1
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The darkness of the void,
The evil of sin
The falsehood of lies

The failure of the mind
The seduction of the body
The corruption of the soul

Do you have faith that God is the Truth or that nothing is true!
Do you believe that God is good or believe in the goodness of people?
Do you devote to the eternal God or is the world eternal.

There is light in knowledge
There is power in belief
There is wisdom in learning

To know God you need faith in prophecies to come
To love God you need belief in miracles that are happening,
To learn of God you need to devote to the truth of the past the wisdom of the Final scripture

Is this the only world there is, should we try and save this world!
You should not put money before God?
Do you think God has not counted the number of all things.

Everything perishes except His presence
None equals Him
The One God,  Eternal, Great and Glorious




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