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9 years ago  ::  Jul 11, 2009 - 7:23AM #11
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Jul 5, 2009 -- 12:19PM, Princessdi wrote:

WOW ... ok.. i thot this was the 5 ESSENTIAL BOOKS and not the library to choose from.  I am not a Muslim, but am trying to figure out how to start and make it part of my everyday life as those born into it.  I know of some holidays, but there are so many acts and everyday occurence traditions... I have NO IDEA where to begin this journey.  Any recommendations on where to turn or start to read on a contemplated conversion???


Salaam sister Smile

Here are a few books that may be of help; I originally reccomended them for the originator of the thread, but then weren't too sure if they were 'academic' enough. but they are suitable for begginers; I'll add a couple more to include the general every day to day duties of a muslim

The five books I would reccomend is as thus: 

Mainstream Islam, as you know is represented by Sunn'is, thus there is a brilliant book that lists all the essential sunni beliefs; it also starts of with a history of how Islamic creeds were formed and shaped, and it contains a concise biography of some of the great Islamic Scholars, and has an excellent comprehensive, but consice explanation of a much misunderstood term in this day and age; Jihad 

It also has brief biographies of ten of the most distiguished companions of the prophet muhammad [saw] 

this book Is called The Creed Of Imam Al Tahawi, Translated, Introduced and Annotated by Hamza Yusuf, and can be purchased from Here:

 The next book I'll reccomend is a biography of the Prophet Muhamamd [saw], as if one wants a grass root understanding of Islam; it is best to get aquainted well with the Messenger of Islam and the circumstances of the revelation of the Quran. 

There are many good books on this, including one by Martin lings, but i would personally reccomend one by Adlil Salahi; this one is verry thorough and comprehensive with some 752 pages in it; it starts of with a brief history from the era of the Prophet Abraham [as] right up to the birth of the Prophet muhammad [saw]...; the book is a verry captivating and enthralling read, but i would advice anyone to ignore what he says about '[black] majic' in the book; I think he gives an 'wahhabi' opinion that it dont exist, but in Sunni Islam it is considered to exist: 

The next one will be, a translation of the Quran so you can see what the Quran basically says; to understand the Quran more contextually/in depth one needs to study it's proffesional exegesis, but the translation will give you an understanding of the simple realites of the islam message: 

#4: The complete forty hadiths by Imam an-Nawawi translated by Abdussamad Clarke; this book contains forty two hadiths compiled by Imam- an-Nawawi with the imams original interpretations; the hadiths spans many aspects of Islamic guidance and people are left with a insightfull view of Islam once they have read this book: 

#5 Stories of the Prophets by Ibn Kathir; this book contains the stories of many of the Prophets of Islam as is told in the Quran and Sunnah; it gives an insight into how Islam claims all the Prophets that were sent by God from the first prophet and man, Adam [pbuh] to the last prophet muhammad [saw] and what in the islamic view, was their Message to mankind

Now for a comprehensive book on the day to day duties of a Muslim, here is a book that encompasses all of them..., from the testimonies of faith, to prayers and all the other general obligatory, mandatory and sunnah acts of worship:

All or parts of this book can be found online too:

The following book is good on the day to day duties too: 


Hope this helps 


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9 years ago  ::  Jul 23, 2009 - 11:07AM #12
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Jun 14, 2009 -- 6:12AM, JayEl wrote:

Looking for your recommendations.  I am a non-Muslim interested in a more academic approach.  I know as much as about Islam as the average university-educated westerner.

If you are looking at the more inner depth coverage on the 5 Islamic pillars, I would certainly recommend the book titled "The Way of Muhammad" by Shaykh Abd. Ak-Qadir As-Sufi.  The original publisher was Diwan Press U.K. and I just found out it is available on-line.  Google on it. The latest edition is published by Medinah Press. You may want to google on it.

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