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"When shall I become virtuous
By joyfully hand-fanning them -
Sri Radha and the Supreme Lover Sri Krishna -
While they stand at the bower's gate
Where a pleasant breeze is blowing,
And their bodies are fatigued
And made spotted by perspiration
Caused by the momentum of keen love-sport?"

"Strolling in the alleys of Sri Radha's play bowers,
Reciting the name of Sri Radha
Practicing with zezt
The most excellent conduct
Wholly agreeable to Sri Radha
Serving Sri Radha's lotus feet
Joyfully in different ways,
When shall I transcend the path of Upanisads
By pursuing such a wonderful discipline?"

"Whose eyes are closed
Due to the experience of excessive joy
Of being grasped in the creeper-like tender arms
Which are full of horripilation
Caused by the excitement of mutual love,
And who are resting in bed
Formed of fresh, fragrant flowers
In a bower of Vrindavan -
When shall I
Make them, my masters happy
By pressing their feet and doing other acts of service?"

"When shall I forsake in this world
The prescribed Vedic rites
After holding as dear in my heart
Sri Radha's lotus-like feet?
And when will Sri Govind -
The bestower of all comforts -
Teach me Himself of His own accord
The different arts, like music and dance
Which stimulate amorous sentiment in one's heart
Because of my being blessed
With unbounded love
For Sri Radha?"

From the Sri Radha Sudha Nidhi Stotram
by Mahaprabhu Sri Hitharivansha Goswami
translated by Goswami Lalitacharan
published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai 1991
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