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10 years ago  ::  Jan 23, 2008 - 8:30PM #31
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[QUOTE=lakshmi_kalyani;153221]Hi Introspector and others, and hi to Maya ( You may not remember me since i didnt log in for about an year),

Well I am a hindu since birth and traditionally from the hindu priestly class (Brahmins). I am not a regular in the comunity since i generally travel  lot internationally and never had the time for it... but I just gave birth to my first child (a baby Boy - 1 month old) and took off from work for about an year. I contemplate on being regular to the discussion groups now...

If any one of you have any queries or would like  to have spiritual discussions on hinduism, I would be very glad to participaate and together we can enrich ourselves. I shall share all my knowledge of hinduism.... just ask me whatever pops out in your thoughts...

Om Shanth Omi,

Hi Kalyani

  I would very much like to take you up on your offer. 

Thank you and congratulations on your baby boy.
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