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6 years ago  ::  Feb 13, 2012 - 10:19PM #1
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Hi All,

This is the first time I'm posting here...hoping you fine folks can help me out with this. I've done a couple of the Goenka courses and at the end of the morning chanting he busts out what I've heard many times refered to as the Metta Sutta. It begins "Sabaka Mangal Hoye Re." Basically, I'm trying to track down the Pali for that particular chant.

I've done quite a bit of looking online, and the Metta Sutta Pali listed is always different from that chant (as well as most other versions of Metta Sutta chanting I've come accross).

So is the "Sabaka Mangal Hoye Re" chant mis-labeled Metta Sutta? Or are there a number of Metta Suttas?

Any aid in tracking down the Pali of the "Sabaka Mangal Hoye Re" chant would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,


PS. Here's the one (though not Goenka's version)
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6 years ago  ::  Feb 14, 2012 - 4:20AM #2
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Thank you for posting this. I have not heard it before. However, I have attended Ten-Day Retreats based upon Goenka, as taught by the Late Dr Rewata Dhamma.

Dr Rewata Dhamma used this version of the Metta Sutta.

However, he also used to recite a Metta Meditation at the end of the Retreat, which is based on the Metta Sutta, but it was not the Metta Sutta.

This Metta Song, from Imee Ooi is one that I listen to daily:

It is a Metta Meditation similar to one that I have used for many years. I bought it on CD to listen to it offline. In this way, I can sit on my meditation cushion for listening. My Buddhist Teacher taught me that there is great value to be derived from Listening to Buddhist Chants as a form of Listening Meditation.

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