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7 years ago  ::  Aug 28, 2011 - 4:54AM #11
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Theravada Buddhism was historically known as The Analytical or Discriminating Doctrine. In Pali, the name of this School is Vibbhaja Vada.

However, analysis does not suit everyone, being a little dry, and abstruse. Not everyone is fortunante enough to have received a university education. For ordinary people who received little or no education, the Faith Vehicle was developed.

Faith in Buddhism does not imply 'blind belief'. Faith implies that a person believes in the Buddha's Enliightenment, and in the Efficacy of Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem, Buddha Dharma and Sangha. But, this Faith should be rooted in reasoning and understanding.

Understanding in Buddhism is not merely limited to a towering intellect, ot skills in dialectical reasoning. Buddhism allows for ordinary people to develop intuitive insight as a means to devloping wisdom, too.

The main mental development is one in which the student focuses upon Devotional Service to all beings. This does not mean becoming servile to all and sundry. It means learning how to skilfully practice for the benefit of all beings.

Two Books which may throw some light on this Vehicle of Theravada Buddhism are:

Love and Sympathy in Theravada Buddhism [Paperback]
Harvey B. Aronson (Author)

Faith and Devotion in Theravada Buddhism
VVS Saibaba (Author]

In the context of Theravada Buddhist Liberaton, a person may become Faith Liberated. This does not mean that a person may not become liberated by carrying out an analytical study of Buddhism, it merely means that this is a different means to becoming Enlightened.



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