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Since I practice and recite the Lotus Sutra as my spiritual vehicle in this life I also can appreciate with great depth the meaning of all spiritual activities that are undertaken by the Buddhist followers of Ladakh .  They utter the Lions Roar.  They turn the wheel of doctrine ever seeking to comply with the Buddha's way and request.

As we find in the Lotus Sutra which states,


Shariputra, you should know,
That when I heard the Sagely Lions�
Deep, pure, and wondrous sound,
I called out "Homage to all Buddhas."
And further had this thought,
"I have come into a turbid, evil world;
As the Buddhas speak,
I should follow in accord."
Having thought upon this matter,
I went straightway to Varanasi.
Since the still and extinct mark of all Dharmas,
Cannot be expressed in words,
I used the power of expedients,
To instruct the five Bhikshus.

This was called the turning of the Dharma wheel.
Then came the sound of Nirvana,
As well as "Arhatship,"
"Dharma," and the "Sangha," various names.
From remote aeons onward,
I have praised and shown Nirvana�s Dharma,
As the final end of birth and death�s sufferings;
Always have I spoken thus.
Shariputra, you should know,
I see disciples of the Buddha,
Resolutely seeking the Buddha Way,
Limitless thousands of myriads of millions of them,
All with hearts of reverence,
All coming before the Buddha.
They had heard, from former Buddhas,
Expedient teachings of the Dharma.
This causes me to think,
"The reason why the Thus Come One appears,
Is to teach the wisdom of the Buddha,


Hail to all Followers of the Buddha way. 


The reason why the sutras are recited in the tone of great speech and in the form of chanting is because the expedient devices, the words and phrases of the Buddha are mystic.  Here the word mystic means that the Buddha's words serve as a vehicle to convey the vast and boundless power of the human mind; the power to percieve the true nature of things, the primordial laws that originate in the infinite past that govern reality as it is, the true principles of the body and mind.  How does the body know so much? How does the body know how to fight of desease, absorb nutrients, convert matter into energy, the art of survivial? This evolutionary process of knowledge and information occurs and emerges over an infinite period of time. 

The Buddha is the lord of teachings, the teacher of gods and men. His words carry a weighty truth. The Buddha's words are the product of a vast mental energy; a mental energy which percieve the true meaning of phenomenas that are primordial in nature and permeate past, present and future and all ten directions of space.

The act of chanting the Buddha's words of deeep wisdom call forth the same primordial wisdom that are  stored up in one's own Alaya consciousness. This is because all dharmas carry the marks of the true aspect.   And the seeds of the Buddha wisdom are stored up in ones own being. This is the realization of all Bodhisattvas. Therefore the best way to take action (volition) in this world is to recite and praise the Buddha's words of wisdom.

“A plant, a tree, a pebble, a
speck of dust—each has the Buddha
nature, and each is endowed with cause
and effect and with the function to
manifest and the wisdom to realize its
Buddha nature.”  The Diamond Scalpel by Great Teacher Miao-Lo. 

"Now, the essential teaching of the
Lotus Sutra says that Shakyamuni Buddha,
the lord of teachings, attained
Buddhahood numberless major world
system dust particle kalpas ago, and that
the cause that made this possible was
the practice he had carried out at that
time. Since then he has manifested emanation
bodies throughout the worlds
of the ten directions and preached all
the sacred teachings of his lifetime to
teach and convert people as numerous
as the dust particles of the land."

Writings of Nichiren Daishonin V1 pg 360



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