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Flag Knittingrn August 6, 2010 1:56 AM EDT

I'm fairly new to Buddhism; I've been reading about it and studying it for over a year.  According to the test, it comes up 100% Theraveda Buddhist for me.  There is a Shambala Center in my area and no other Buddhist resources.  I have gone to a couple classes there.  I have found little information on how Shambhala Buddhism ties into other types of Buddhism.  Does anyone have anything to offer?



Flag Eujene August 15, 2010 7:48 PM EDT


Shambhala Buddhism was founded by Chogyam Trungpa, a controversial Tibetan Buddhist teacher and former monk who lived in the U.K. and subsequently in the U.S. Although the basis of his teaching was Kagyu and Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism there was a a secular element that sought to integrate buddhist meditation with non-buddhist forms of contemplation. He also integrated elements of Zen and Japanese arts, as well as elements of Shinto, Taoism and Confucianism. This said it is essentially Mahayana, and if your looking for orthodox Theravada teaching you wont find it there.

Heres some Theravada links in the US:[]=1&type_id[]=2&country_id=2&province_id=0&tradition[]=theravada

hope to have been helpful!

Flag Bhakta_glenn August 20, 2010 8:19 AM EDT

The Eleventh Trungpa Rinpoche

"Trungpa Rinpoche was born in 1940 in the province of Kham                      in Eastern Tibet. He was recognized as the eleventh incarnate                      teacher in the teaching lineage known as the Trungpa Tulkus.                      Trungpa Rinpoche was enthroned as Supreme Abbot of Surmang                      Monasteries and Governor of Surmang District."

"In 1976, he established the Shambhala Training program, which                      provides instruction in meditation practice within a secular                      setting. The Shambhala Teachings are a complete path to Enlightenment,                      and stress mind-training, community involvement and the creation                      of an enlightened society."


Flag axhander December 26, 2010 11:30 PM EST

how much money have you given them so far? i don't think they believe in the theravada idea of dana.

Flag Bhakta_glenn February 4, 2011 4:54 AM EST

Donating to Shambhala
Flag Bhakta_glenn February 4, 2011 5:29 AM EST

Dec 26, 2010 -- 11:30PM, axhander wrote:

how much money have you given them so far? i don't think they believe in the theravada idea of dana.

The founder of Shambhala Buddhism is Chogyam Trungpa from the Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism. He opened the very first Tibetan Buddhist Centre in the West with Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche:

About Kagyu Samye Ling

Samye Ling is a monastery and international centre of Buddhist training, known for the authenticity of its teachings and tradition. It offers instruction in Buddhist philosophy and meditation within the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also a centre for the preservation of Tibetan religion, culture, medicine, art, architecture and handicrafts.

Founded in 1967 by two spiritual masters, Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Samye Ling was the first Tibetan Buddhist Centre to be established in the West and was named after Samye, the very first monastery to be established in Tibet.

Back in 1990, I contacted a local Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist Centre, which had a Dana Box in the hall that led to the Shrine Room. At this time, I was financially destitute, having been a patient in a psychiatric hospital. A brief return to work had shown that paid employment was no longer possible for me.

I explained to the Teachers at this Buddhist Shrine that I had no money to offer for Dana. They gave me training in Shinay Meditation [Samatha Meditation] for just about 2 years. In this time, I was allowed to attend lectures by visitng Lamas [without payment], and I was granted personal interviews with qualified Meditation Teachers.

I was advised that for the long term, I had been initiated into Kalachakra Tantric teachings but that I was being sent to a Theravadin Buddhist Bhikkhu, who would thoroughly train me in the Theravada and prepare me for Mahayana Buddhism and Vajrayana Buddhism. A Teacher was trained for me.

Many years later, when I was in a better financial position, I was able to make a substantial Dana contribution to pay for all of my training: past, present, and future.

Dana: it is not the amount of money donated which is important. It is the motivation for the donation which is important.

Shinay Meditation

See Tibetan Buddhist Thread: Shinay Mediation [re: Kagyu Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche]

The meditation technique in Shinay Meditation is the same technique as taught in Theravada Buddhism, sitting and developing Awareness of the Breath. For this reason, when I changed to the Theravada Buddhist Training, it was identical, a seamless transition.

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