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Locked: Local Guidelines and Beliefnet ROC
10 years ago  ::  Jul 02, 2008 - 11:39PM #1
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Dharma Discussion and Debate is a forum for Buddhists to debate and discuss points of philosophy and doctrine. You must be courteous to every other member here, even when you disagree.

When debating, express your opinion about a person's ideas, not about them personally.

Negative personal comments and name calling are against the Rules of Conduct. Since the moderator cannot line edit messages, whatever else the content, messages in violation will be deleted.

Psychologically and spiritually "analyzing" or "characterizing" others -- especially in a negative manner --, with whom one is in discussion/debate, is not appropriate to this forum, and such msgs will be deleted, no matter whatever else the content of msg involved may be. Multiple offenses will be referred for administrative action.

This is a discussion and debate forum for the discussion and debate of Buddhist ideas, facts, non-facts, lurid imaginings, and sublime insights, but it is not a place for trashing each other.

As this is a discussion and debate forum, with emphasis on discussion - given and take - talking (hopefully) with each other, this forum is not a place for proselytizing or its siblings, witnessing and evangelizing. There are other venues for that.

Please keep discussions on-topic. Obviously off-topic msgs will be moved to where they can be discussed, or the poster can re-post his or her msgs as a new topic, as long as they do not violate the ROC and the local guidelines spelled out above.

Also, no large scale cut-and-paste of outside material, copyrighted or not.

See: Beliefnet Rules of Conduct

brburl - moderator
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8 years ago  ::  Sep 15, 2010 - 6:32PM #2
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Also, the Guidelines for Quoting are part of the local rules on this board.
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