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10 years ago  ::  Jun 29, 2008 - 6:24PM #1
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I'm new to Beliefnet and I made two posts on Thursday June 26, 2008. Several days later, when I returned to make some editing changes I could not find my posts. There were no drafts saved to my Homepage and I could not find the original posts anywhere on the site under any search criteria on search engines. I am not particularly technical minded and the site is very labrythine so perhaps I just did not access the right sections but it does seem that a copy of one's recent posts should appear in one's profile folders.

My posts were made under Dharma Debate and Discussion where it was posted that "all are welcome." And, of course, dissenting insights into established beliefs are the hallmark of Debate and Discussion. I misposted one to Interfaith Dialogues by accident.

I do hope that Beliefnet does not engage in censorship. In Buddhism, censorship of information vital to returning to and maintaining one's practice is tantamount to destruction of the Dharma. In terms of Human Rights the freedoms of speech and religion go hand in hand to provide the civil liberties that keep religions alive and relevant. I know that the Dalai Lama supports the Freedoms of Speech and Religion as part of Human Rights and that he approves of dissent in support of political ideals that lend themselves to personal Happiness and the Benefits of living a life in the pursuit of happiness, so I am certain that my posts were not offensive. As well, it was requested they be posted to a public forum for general consumption.

Most religions strongly support the ideals of Human Rights and Civil Liberties even though the religion may be repressed by political motives. I hope that Beliefnet also works to protect and support dissenting opinions and statements that may fall outside the mainstream. Otherwise we should never have heard from common people like Jesus Christ, Buddha and Ghandi much less the rest of us.

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