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9 years ago  ::  Dec 01, 2008 - 9:10AM #1
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We dedicate our practice to benefiting all beings in all times and all space.

When I was young and had no problems with my material circumstances, I had no trouble reciting and meaning fully this dedication.

All this changed, though. when I was made homeless unjustly, and started asking, to me an obvious question: How come such an obvious injustice can exist without being remedied? How come the right to sleep can be denied to the thousands of homeless? Why couldn't/shouldn't the homeless benefit from all the many dedications that followers of Mahayana, in many different forms, offer at the end of their practice?

Of course, to be homeless in this world is a very minor suffering when compared to what is going in this world--wars, hunger, refugees, prisoners, ..., but the question remains--why is there no betterment ever, rather the opposite? And, of course, one has to reflect on the suffering of all the beings who suffer un-necessarily because of humankind's collective madness also.

I came to a conclusion that although the sincerity of Mahayana practitioners cannot be questioned, the reason that our dedications have no effect is the same, or similar, to the reason why there is no lasting peace on Earth--although many people wish and pray for peace, the reason that no lasting peace on Earth has manifested yet is that we all have a different idea of what "peace on Earth" should be, and that's is why we end up going to war again--to force upon others our idea of what "peace on Earth" should be. ( )

Likewise--when we say: "may all beings benefit", we all might have very different idea of what this phrase should mean, if we have any idea about the subject, beside some vague notions, at all.

There should be a collectively created model of what "benefiting all beings", if only for the starters a model that would comprise beings in this world for now. On how to go about creating such a model I write at www.ModelEarth.Org , if anybody is interested in what I think, and any suggestions are welcome.

I think that the best way for all beings (including humans) in this world to benefit would be for humans to become fully and truly transparently sustainable, and to achieve a consensus on what this should mean could also be collectively modeled. (
"Mahayana and Sustainability" - ).

May all controversies, differences and conflicts that there are in this world among all beings resolve harmlessly by the virtue of all meditations, by the virtue of all prayers, in models, by using any wholesome, expedient, efficient means!

May all beings truly benefit, starting with all beings in this world! (Because, if our dedications don't do any good here and now, they will never do so any other place and any other time either).


Thank you, sincerely - Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org .
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