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4 years ago  ::  Nov 02, 2014 - 8:55PM #11
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Nov 1, 2014 -- 3:07PM, LeahOne wrote:

LOL, so why DID you start this 'conversation', Pam?  You're filling in my part for me:  why should I bother to try to reply to you, then?

*****You don't have to, Leah.  I got my answer already.  If you do Pinterest, go to my page (Pamela McCarty) and click on "Gangrene Under the Surface."  Then you'll see why I have such loathing for anyone who kissed up to Hitler, and also why I feel the RCC isn't very Christian.

I don't know if, how, or how much the RCC will help the Jewish People the next time a Nazi-like ideology rears its head, no.

I know for certain that the RCC is a LOT more likely to act to help non-RCC's than the JW have ever shown themselves likely to do diddly-squat for non-JW's.  And I also know that no amount of mudslinging at the RCC will remove the stench of the filth that Rutherford spewed about the Jews - which the JW leadership has not (to my knowledge) yet disavowed nor disassociated themselves from.

*****They have.  It's extremely embarrassing.  I don't know how anyone could find an excuse for that.

If the RCC, which has officially repudiated some of its most heinous doctrine AND sought to make amends for its sins of the past, is not to be trusted - why should a Jew even take seriously any suggestion coming from a JW, whose leadership has never apologized for its sins towards anyone else???

*****I'll write to them and ask them.


Especially when the RCC doesn't claim to be the ONLY representative of God on Earth - but apparently the JW leadership DOES!

*****The RCC USED to claim they were the one true Church.  I guess they've reversed themselves on that too.


BTW: this thread should NEVER have been started in this forum:  it belongs in 'DJ'.

*****Where should I go to find out the thoughts of Jews?  Wouldn't it be here?  I haven't said one thing that's derogatory to you.


 (What's "DJ"?)

To our almighty God and Father (of Christ and ourselves):  "Show them you alone are JEHOVAH, the Most High over all the earth."  (Psalm 83:18)
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4 years ago  ::  Nov 02, 2014 - 11:55PM #12
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Technically, you should have started your discussion under 'learn about Judaism' and not in 'shmooze and news' which is really a place for Jews to talk to Jews on casual mutual topics like what movies to see and how to make noodle kugel or something.

I know the Learn About forum isn't particularly busy, but it could be, if people would just USE it. I know I check the place every week or so for activity and so do a couple of other people.

Anyway - no matter what the RCC has or hasn't done, taught, proclaimed or whatever, WE as Jews are taught that it is proper to forgive the penitant when that person comes to us and apologizes for actions/words which have hurt us. That's 'individual', so the only people I can legitimately forgive - OR blame - or the exact same individual people who have done damage to me personally.

We consider murder an 'unforgiveable' crime because it is darned hard to get forgiveness and make restitution to a dead person. So the murderer is a very sorry soul, because he/she can't obtain forgiveness for that action (from the dead).

I suggest you read Elie Wiesel's Night (and other books), as well as a decent translation of the Bible, which the JW version is most emphatically NOT.

Part of forgiveness, of course, is restitution, and a resolution (which is actually carried out) not to do 'it' AGAIN. Since the RCC has taken real steps to change their teachings of contempt about Jews and Judaism, we can consider that to be a solid resolution being carried out, to 'not do it again'. That's important.

Blessed are You, HaShem, Who blesses the years.
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