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Switch to Forum Live View New ABC series features Mormon character wearing nothing but temple garmentsā€¯
3 years ago  ::  Jul 17, 2015 - 11:35AM #11
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Jul 7, 2015 -- 2:02PM, Acts 28:22 wrote:

Jul 7, 2015 -- 12:33PM, MysticWanderer wrote:

So we should have no locker room scenes on any show? Didn't say that but the gratuitous ones are unfortunate. Shows in the forties and fifties had weren't nearly so revealing.  Or only avoid them on sjhows with LDS characters. Didn't say that either. Do LDS not change in the locker room like everyone else? (I know I do) We all go to the restroom as well, but I don't need to watch someone take a dump. Is it OK then to shiow Sikh characters changing and revealing their sacred garments but not us?  Matthew 7:12 comes to mind. Is it OK to draw demeaning cartoons about the prophet Mohammed but not to show a chainaracter in the normal state of dress which mioght reveal the temple garment? Matthew 7:12  again. If you say no to all of the above you at least get points for consistency.

 For someone claiming to be LDS you seem very ignorant. No offense.  

No.  I see much about how we as members are supposed to act but very little about how mothers must obey our rules.  The Temple garments have been public knowledge for several decades.  Complaining because an Gentile producer chooses to mshiow them is childish unkless you are also upset when any other religion is treated disrespectfully.  Not ignorant just not provincial.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 01, 2015 - 2:39PM #12
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did anyone see what happened to the character in question during one of the recent episodes?

I was watching the show without realizing THAT'S the show this thread talks about.

don't want to give it away if anyone watching the show missed an episode.

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