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4 years ago  ::  Feb 12, 2014 - 10:20PM #1
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Official ROCOR Synod statement concerning the RTOC

True Orthodoxy or Arrogation?

Those presently claiming to be Catacomb bishops have very questionable backgrounds. Fr. Michael Protopopov provides some good background information on these groups here:

Voices of Reason


Saint Ignatius of Antioch said: “Make no mistake, brethren, no one who follows another into schism will inherit the Kingdom of God, no one who follows heretical doctrines is on the side of the Passion.”

Saint Ignatius teaches that there is no sin worse than the sin of division in the Church, and that not even the blood of martyrdom will wash it away.

Saint John Chrysostom writes: "I do say and affirm that schism is just as terrible an evil as heresy."

Saint John Chrysostom said: "I say this for those who indiscriminately go to all churches--both to ours and to those of the schsmatics. If they teach differently than we do--then for that very reason, of course, one ought not to go to them. But if they teach the very same as we do--then all the more cause why one ought not to go to them, for here is the sin of lust for authority."

Saint Cyprian of Carthage writes: If such men were even slain in confession of the Christian name, not even by their blood is this stain washed away...He cannot be a martyr, who is not in the Church.

In the life of Saint Anthony (written by Saint Athanasius), it says in chapter 91: Have no fellowship [communion] with the schismatics, nor any dealings at all with the heretical Arians.

St. Basil the Great instructs: Because their separation [is] initiated through schisms ... those who [have] separated themselves from the Church no longer [have] in themselves the grace of the Holy Spirit.... Nor could they any longer confer on others that grace of the Holy Spirit from which they themselves had fallen away.

Saint Optatus, Bishop of Milevis, wrote in the 4th century:

"Now by the commandments of God, three things are, amongst others, forbidden by him. Thou shalt not kill; thou shalt not worship strange gods, and summing up the comamndments, thou shalt not commit schism."

Canon 33 of the Local Synod of Laodicea states: "That one must not pray together with heretics or schismatics”

Saint Basil stated: such a schism, is already in all things like under heresy, and one must treat such schismatics as one would heretics, not permitting any communion with them.

Canon VI of the 7th Ecumenical Council states in relevant part: "We call those heretics...who, though pretending to confess the sound faith, have schismatically separated and have gathered congregations in opposition to our canonical bishops."

The incorrupt Saint Metropolitan Philaret taught that schismatics do not have the grace of the sacraments. See his letter to Abbess Magdalena, written in 1979.
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4 years ago  ::  Mar 08, 2014 - 9:58PM #2
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I asked the following questions to a priest in the RTOC, but he refused to answer them. The questions come from the perspective of an old calendarist/"True" Orthodox mentality, which I no longer consider myself a part of.


"First, why does not the fact the RTOC was in communion with the ROCOR for eight years, when the ROCOR was in communion with Metropoltian Cyprian for eight years, not invalidate the RTOC? St. Theodore the Studite reminds us:

"The heretics were totally shipwrecked with regard to the faith; but as for the others, even if in their thinking they did not founder, nevertheless, because of their communion with heresy they are perishing." [P.G. 99, 1164].

"Even if one should give away all his possessions in the world, and yet be in communion with heresy, he cannot be a friend of God, but is rather an enemy."[ P.G. 99, 1205].

"Chrysostom loudly declares not only heretics, but also those who have communion with them, to be enemies of God." [Epistle to Abbot Theophilus].

"Guard yourselves from soul-destroying heresy, communion with which is alienation from Christ." [P.G. 99.1216].

Second, Metropolitan Cyprian was deposed twice by the Old Calendar Church of Greece, and once by the state Church of Greece. I heard that the canons say if one is in communion with someone who has been deposed, he is deposed. If true, would this not mean the RTOC is deposed?

Third, was the RTOC ever restored to the true Church by true bishops who never fell away? It seems to me that just repenting and later condemning Cyprianism (in 2008) is not enough. People who fall away must be restored by true bishops.

Fourth, Elder Gabriel of Katounakia (Mount Athos) told me that Bishop Stefan (RTOC) does not hold Orthodoxy. Any idea why he said this?

Fifth, one RTOC priest told me that he receives Roman Catholics by chrismation. Since Catholics pour water on their people, and there is no economia for poured water, why is he doing this?

Sixth, is it true that the RTOC recognizes the Moscow Patriarchate, and accepted to be registered as non-orthodox in Russia?

Seventh, I received this comment from someone:

"I think the RTOC became problematic in True Orthodoxy when Lazar of Tambov began decrying catacombniks... When your leader under suspicion of being KGB begins attacking catacomb martyrs and sowing mass confusion in the Catacomb Church, it's a bit bigger to me than signing a paper with Cyprian of Fili-- or being in communion with someone who did."

Can you explain the above statement?

Eighth, does the RTOC (Stefan) church in any place give Communion to new calendarists?

Ninth, why was no explanation or apology ever given to me for why Father Vladimir Mordvinkin referred me to St. Herman's Monastery (Serbian Patriarchate) for the sacraments? Vladimir Moss' pointed me to the RTOC, but when I told him about what Father Vladimir did, he was not honest enough to level with me and say that a priest of his jurisdiction made a grave mistake and directed me along a wrong path.

Tenth, is it true that Archbishop Tikhon remained in direct communion with the Bulgarian and Romanian Cyprianites for years after the RTOC broke communion with the ROCOR?"

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4 years ago  ::  Mar 09, 2014 - 6:21AM #3
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VIDEO about the RTOC (Stefan) group.

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