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5 years ago  ::  Dec 29, 2012 - 3:26PM #1
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Sister Rose's Passion (2004)

from the website:

"Celebrates Sister Rose Thering, for 67 years a Dominican nun. Her passion is anti-Semitism.
Archival footage looks at her growing up in Wisconsin and taking the veil in her teens.
Interviews with scholars and common people capture the extent to which "Christ killers"
was a standard Catholic description of Jews. Sister Rose's research at Saint Louis
University in the 1950s into the presentation of Jews within Catholic educational
materials leads to the publication of "Nostra Aetate," a document released in 1965
by the Second Vatican Council. Since that time, she's dedicated herself to
eradicating anti-Semitism."
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5 years ago  ::  Feb 17, 2013 - 11:27AM #2
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As a Jew, I've always been very moved by Christians who take a stand against anti-semitism. True, vicious anti-semitism is not common in the US, but I do remember manifestations when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's.

I think the Catholic Church has been particularly courageous in facing up to the "teaching of contempt" towards Jews and Judaism that was so prevelant in the past.

The question that I have, is whether the changed attitude of the Church has filtered down to the pews? Do the warm statements of the current and previous popes since Pope John XXIII echo among the ordinary church goers?

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5 years ago  ::  Feb 22, 2013 - 11:31AM #3
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and welcome to this forum.

I personally am married to a Jewiah man, and have never felt any anti-semetic sentiments among my friends & acquaintences.   Even as a kid, I remember having Jewish friends, and never felt any ill feelings between the parents of the Jews & gentiles.

Hopefully anti-semetism is in the past and willll stay there.


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3 years ago  ::  Dec 07, 2014 - 6:07AM #4
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I for one, cannot understand how this anit-semitism ever came into the lives of us Christians who were taught by the Lord to LOVE ONE'S ENEMIES......  

And secondly, all those who blame the Jews or Romans or anyone for that matter are simply making a mockery of the Lord's Sacrifice....  The sole purpose of His coming to this world was to LAY DOWN HIS LIFE....  If the Lord had not died for us, we would never ever found a way back to God (Heaven) nor would we have been REDEEMED....  It is by His death that we are REDEEMED and the doors of Heaven were made open to us - which were sealed shut because of our disobedience to God....  

So, instead of hating the Jews, Romans or anyone for that matter - we should have been grateful to all these people for having made this Sacrifice possible....  If they had not killed Jesus Christ, His Mission would not have been accomplished.....  And above all we (Christians or believers) all know very well that it was for OUR SINS that the Lord LAID DOWN HIS LIFE of His own free will.....

Anti semitism is nothing but a great mockery of the Lord's Sacrifice and the immense love He has for all humankind.....    


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