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7 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2011 - 2:46PM #1
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Sometimes it seems that we are more concerned about the building the property, the sanctuary, not that its reveranced, but because its a meeting place, but its only open three times a week  for church activities and the main time is on Sunday, saturday at 7 am and then wednesday nite at seven pm. The office hours for the pastor are opened. But not much word Going up. Seems although its not said there are limits to what women are allowed to do also. Although our denomination accepts pastors and women into its colleges in the service there are restricted positions. This should not be so for in the last days what does the word of God say.
I am also confused why there is more quoting of men of old or men who have passed on then the Word of God. The bible says we will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies. But does that mean only the testimonies of those who have passed on. Paul is quoted frequently but my hearts desire is to hear more of what Jesus said.
When will the church begin to plan for the rapture or rather the tribulation? We have a church library and we also have the left behind series there, but the videos and films that could be used in small group setting are not being used. Lets act like we are getting ready for the return of Christ, and all be reflections of Christs love, its not suppose to be one persons job only to visit the sick or pray read the book of matthew 25th chapter. In as much as you did it for the least of these you have done it also unto me Christ speaking.
God is Good
God is Worthy to be Praised.
Gods Word will endure forever.
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