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7 years ago  ::  Apr 29, 2011 - 4:13AM #1
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Before I go into too much detail or in depth information, can I ask if there is someone here who can assist me with a problem in reference to the Catholic Church?

To briefly explain first, 
I had a major conversion of heart about a year ago. I was truly euphoric! I gave my heart & soul completely to the Catholic church! I loved everything I could find to study or practice catholicism. Before this, I had lived many years of depression, anxiety, anorexia, & pain. Upon conversion, I honestly felt like a new person.

I started RCIA classes last summer 2010.
(Nobody told me a person cannot be confirmed if they are divorced?)

I found out in the wintertime with my first of only 2 brief meetings with this one priest. (I never did get the chance to know him as he was on vacations constantly)
By the time I had my meeting, I was completely 100% thrilled & had an eternal hope that I had never felt before.

I still know God called me to the Catholic Church!!!!!
I have no doubt whatsoever about this.

But, strange as it sounds - this one priest seemed to make it very complicated??? He explained it all in about 3 minutes & had no interest in us whatsoever...and ttold us our time was up.

It was not until several months down the road when my RCIA leader explained how simple it could be in my case since I was a victim of abuse in my marriage 38 years ago.
By then, this one priest had only ever met me 2 times. He did not seem to like us too much but I did not care.
We loved many of the friends we had made! And our RCIA teacher always said we were 1st on the list! We are still friends!
Anyhow, as time went on & after being ignored seriously for 4 months which was close to confirmation time, the priest emailed me letters that he told me I could never show anyone.

He was rude & abrupt.
I only wanted to be confirmed in the one true church but I simply could not get past him & he accused me of wanting his attention??? I am a 54 year old married grandmother!
I became extremely confused & lost hope again.

I still feel the Lord drawing me to the Catholic Church but since I am not welcome - what do I do????

Ok, so you may thing - why doesn't she go to another parish? I already went to another parish & he said that all of these parish priests in our little town are one big happy family. (that let me know where he stood)  Then, he told us he did not have time for us.

Later, I discovered that priests have absolutely no right to "shun" prospective members.

We are a very sweet, loving, helpful couple who are people pleasers & we have never had these problems anywhere before.

I am still confused & lost & depressed since last December.

Is the Episcopal church actually catholic but under the British monarchy?

I live in Macon, Georgia. I could drive 50 miles to be away from this particular diocese, but it would be difficult. 

If anyone has been through similar experiences, please let us know!!!
I appreciate any assistance!

Many blessings & thankyou!!

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7 years ago  ::  Apr 29, 2011 - 7:45AM #2
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Hi Betsy,

Welcome to the forum.  I am a little confused about the details of your story.  You mentioned that your are devorced.  This in itself is not a problem, if you are not living with another man.  If  you are living with a man, you must be free to marry in the Church and go through the marriage process in order to participate fully in the Church.  You may certainly pray and attend Mass while you are going through the process of getting married in the Church.

Please give more detail, and we will try to answer your questions.

God bless you in your journey.


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