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7 years ago  ::  Dec 07, 2010 - 11:38AM #1
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Church, religion, spirituality, faith, belief - all these terms are  hard to nail down, hard to define tightly.  Often different words are  used by different people to mean the exact thing, i.e the individual who  says "I am spiritual but not religious" might mean the same thing as  someone who states that they are "deeply religious."

What is clear is that we have to remain deeply aware of the  difference between church as a institution and the heart of God.  A  church - including NCL - is one of many possible expressions of  the heart of the God.  We are no more "valid" than other denominations,  or than individuals who chose to find God on their own outside of formal  religious/ denominational affiliation.  As Swedenborg noted, "Everyone  whose soul desires it is capable of seeing the truths of the Word in  light."  We can all see it - there is no denominational "lock" on truth   (Which can, when lived into as a "truth" of the New Church make us  pretty unique and tolerant!).

"If we try to make the church into the kingdom of God, we create a  false idol that will disappoint us."  These words by Richard Rohr were  the first words I read this morning.   Clearly uplifting and challenging  they call us to a core truth - "Church" does not equal "The Kingdom of  God."  The Kingdom of God will exist, will constantly be born anew again  and again into the world.  We can cooperate with that birth, choose to  be part of that path, "ride the current" so to speak but thankfully just  we cannot create we neither can destroy it.

Church can be an incredibly powerful vehicle as an expression of the heart of God.  Just don't think it is the only one!

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