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Flag Glowingidols November 13, 2010 4:49 PM EST

Had caticism at early age, not sure how you spell it, I was asked would I die for him I said yes as he is most loved, asked not to long ago same thing, was taught to read many Bible have done so, was told Had to spiritually connect to one I am related to have done so, Muslim, I am related to Thy Prophet Muhammad although 5th generation, Judgement year 2054 day his choosing, either Allah or Jesus, as Allah doesnt have he Judges all only Muslims, where as Jesus Judges all, I have message for the world an Angels recite being persecuted in my own Country an Muslim as well, have star over home when i cast wheels same star dropped down as my health did, who am I for, they saved me they reveservsed the wheels. this one is Hindu I am female age 51 who am I for if not Islam. Still have star at night an wings I was Eve in past life suppose to be pure love pure heart both people e an whomever he chooses he chose one but he lied about his name so I am married still an alone trying to figure this out Spiritually, as husband doesn't believe me an Spiritual Therapist lied why do they want to stop what is coming?


if I dont make it then lifetime begans again I have lived 3 plus this one, who am I for?

 was taught as a child to read all religions till I spiritually connected to one have done so, was told more would be revealed to me it was, I spiritually connected to Thy Prophet Muhammad wrote over 100 poems one to fight off evil, 32 came truer never thought I'd find my religion but still haven't turned white clothing have a star over head not sure if its Bablyon just know when casting spell of hinduism it slowly moved down as my health did the muslimpeople saved me as I was dying the spell in hinduism means you get to redo your life ago just means this Angel who is First Angel dies for you all.

But since they saved me some died for me, I was hospitalized but they only laughed at me on Spiritual Path one cannot lie, I am the last to come before The Almighty God arises for I am pure love pure heart as is chosen one who doesn't speak english, I turn to you cause you believe in Spiritual Paths I have same star over head, on this path are Angels who recite, but due to noone believing in America I was medicated I still have a promise to keep I said I would die for him but it takes 2 I am Eve the other must contain spirit of Adam it is reverse as I dont have a rib makes us same.

Need the Pope's help, don't know where else to turn too.


Flag Glowingidols November 13, 2010 10:24 PM EST

Many dont want Judgement year

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Many don't want Judgement year,
Why pray then, be like the rest,
And not care then.

You will repeat this life again, an again,
Nothing new except deja vu,
which in some religions is bad for you.

That is your wish I hope your happy with it,
That isn't mine, so I sit out next time.

They know now for they heard you,
If peoms come truer its your wish not mine,
Deal with them, I just write what they wish.

Don't like who I bring in wasnt your choice,
Wan't mine but I was chosen,
Can not change the path the clock is ticking,
I am Eve the beginning the end is in Islam,
For I am Muslima.

God, Allah, an Jesus heard you,
now its time for them to show you,
May they be merciful to you, for not wanting this day,
To come but I am polite compared to them.

Your fight is with them not I,
I do as I am asked,
An write it in poetry format.

For as long as I shall live,
I will write for them,
For i know who I am an once was,
Not many wish to re live this life again.

Spiritual Blessings to all.

For many dont want Judgement year at all...

Flag Glowingidols November 13, 2010 10:30 PM EST

go to for whole Spiritual Path plus islam has rest, under GlowingIdols

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