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8 years ago  ::  Sep 29, 2010 - 10:02PM #1
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Maybe he should just bow out of this whole debate over same sex rights within the Church.  He never seems to present one single view point on the matter.  And he opens himself up to so much criticism on both sides. 

But I think many people are just too tough and unfair with him.  In the article below, someone says "Rowan is a deeply conflicted soul,"  "He’s torn between  his kind, liberal inner heart and a seemingly heartless collusion with  Anglican advocates of anti-gay prejudice and discrimination. It is  two-faced for him to believe one thing in private and say something  different in public. He is not being true to himself."  When I read this I thought it was vey unfair.  Williams may have expressed liberal views prior to becoming ABC, but now that he is ABC I think he has had some time to reconsider things.  And he views his role as a leader within the Communion, one whose job at this time is to hold things together and to respect people's views.  The so-called "anti-gay" side (which is itself an unfair term) is in fact the majority, and also the view that is based on traditional teaching and the most common interpretations of scripture.  Within the side that opposes gay marriage and ordination of gays in the Church, I have yet to meet anyone who is "out to get someone" or whose views come from some place of hate or a personal vendetta.  Rather I have just seen people who believe that we should not be quick to go against traditional doctrine, or go against the Bible, or to, as someone once said, call sacred that which we have historically called sin.



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