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8 years ago  ::  May 15, 2010 - 2:28PM #1
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For your consideration:

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8 years ago  ::  May 15, 2010 - 4:28PM #2
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Good words, Mitchel, good words.  I still recall the bizarre, utterly unreal reaction of a fellow DoC on the's GA discussion-thread concerning DPF's resolution on war.  As I recall, that poster called the citation to the anti-war words of Brother J.W. McGarvey as "hurtful."

Now, I gather, that poster believed that Brother McGarvey was some commie, pinko, "fellow-traveler," who did not believe in GWB and "holy war." 

Those who do know who Brother McGarvey was, would understand the irony of the comment.

Thanks for your words, again, Mitchel.

"Wesley told the early Methodists to gain all they could and save all they could so that they could give all they could. It means that I consider my money to belong to God and I see myself as one of the hungry people who needs to get fed with God’s money. If I really have put all my trust in Jesus Christ as savior and Lord, then nothing I have is really my own anymore."
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8 years ago  ::  Jun 10, 2010 - 1:19AM #3
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Mitchel, thanks for the link. This wk marked 104 mos since the war in Afghanistan began with Obama's drawdown not beginning for another yr after he having committed another 30,000 troops to the region last yr.  It is now the longest war in American history surpassing Nam if one considers the start of the Vietnam War to have been the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in 1964.

Tragically America has children to be in middle school in a few yrs none of which have not known America to not be at war.  Let us continue to pray for peace.   

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