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8 years ago  ::  Apr 16, 2010 - 12:09PM #1
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So federal judge has ruled that National day of Prayer is unconstitutional. Was the day the White House held prayer for the Muslims unconstitutional also? It is up to each individual to participate or not in the National Day of Prayer. This day was intended for all persons that believe in PRAY not religions to pray for our nation and those that lead and protect USA. It isnt a Christian thing or any other religious sects' theme.

The USA in general is turning from God and our society is getting worse because of it. Regardless of whether or not the President chooses to engage in the National day of Prayer is his personal choice, but dont dismiss the American people for continuing the Prayer Day.


I would plea that you make your voice heard if you disagree with the choice to cast aside National day of Prayer that has been held since 1952.

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8 years ago  ::  Apr 16, 2010 - 1:50PM #2
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It is certainly a good thing for the President or Congress to proclaim a day of prayer, in the same way a day of thanksgiving is officially proclaimed each year. We are obligated by scripture to pray for civil magistrates, even if we don’t like them or didn’t vote for them. Of course, we pray they will be obedient in restraining evil and praising good, recognizing their authority comes from God, is limited by him, and they will one day give an accounting to him.

However, gathering to pray with nondescript believers to a generic God is polytheistism and idolatry. Prayer is not a magic ceremony to insure success for ungodly efforts. As the Westminster Shorter Catechism says, "Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God, for things agreeable to his will, in the name of Christ, with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgment of his mercies." Prayer to Allah, Buddha, Brahma, Krishna, or the "god" of Jews, Unitarians, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses is not Christian prayer. To participate with those who pretend to come to God other than in the name of his eternal and incarnate Son Jesus is an abomination. Then, to use occasions of prayer for political or nationalistic ends is a further affront to God’s name.

We are all free to pray. Good for civil magistrates to call upon people to pray for them and our nation. Also good if they are Christians who depend upon God, seek him in prayer, submit to his will, and do not neglect the means of grace available in their churches. Let Christians gather with those of like belief to pray to the God of the Bible in the name of Jesus Christ, with confession of our own and national sins, thankfully acknowledging his mercies, seeking his glory, the advancement of his kingdom and submission to his will. But, may he deliver us from nationalistic political polytheistic idolatry under the guise of piety.

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