Mom and Dad walked hand in hand as we  approached the family plot.  We were the only ones there.The cemetery was surrounded by an old rock wall  hugged by lilac bushes, and framed by maple, pine, and oak trees.  For  over two centuries the graveyard had been the final home of many of our  relatives.  As we walked slowly on the recently cut grass, I read the  names etched into the tombstones I passed.  I wondered how many of these  people my grandparents had known.  We arrived at the foot of my  grandparents resting place.My grandmother  had passed first, so she was buried in the family plot to the left.   Next to her was my grandfather; he passed away twelve years later.  And  between my grandfather’s plot and the gravesite of someone we did not  know, there was a small patch of grass.Pointing  to it, Mom said, “That was for me.” Dad and I looked down at the ground.  There  was just enough room for one more plot. Mom said softly, “My parents wanted to make  sure that I was near them if I didn’t marry.”  Dad and I looked at Mom. Uncertain, I asked, “Do you want to be  buried here?” Mom hesitated.  “There isn’t a place for  your father,” she said.  “I wouldn’t want to be without him.” I looked at Dad.  He was staring straight  ahead. Dad put his arm around Mom, and pulled her  into him.  He kissed her on the top of her head. “I will always be with  you,” he said.   He looked at her.  “If there’s only one  plot, it will be for you.  Our boys will just have to lay my ashes  around you.” Dad held Mom in his arms.  I  looked down at the open spot of grass.  Mom and Dad reached out to me.        Emily Dickinson reminds us, “Unable are the  Loved ones to die / For Love is Immortality.”  The example of my  parents’ love will be with me always.  In his book, Spiritual Evolution,  Harvard research psychiatrist George Vaillant, wrote:  “Love, like the  sacred and our image of God, has a timeless quality.”  That day, just off that rural road in Maine, I  saw true love.  I saw how much my parents loved each other.  Every day we have an opportunity to demonstrate  our love to the most important people in our lives.  So, what is your love example?David J. Pollay book, The Law of the Garbage  Truck: Take control of your life with one decision, will be published by  Sterling Publishing in September, 2010.  You can find out about The Law  of the Garbage Truck™ and David’s mission at  You can also read David’s blog at