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9 years ago  ::  Nov 06, 2009 - 1:23PM #1
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BY  what authority is pauls continuing teaching of ANYTHING relating to Our Christs teaching - save his own gracious salvation - still brought into The Christ teachings?




following paul teaching and expecting to become spiritually   ACTUATED  ( becoming One With) in Our Christ in ones own natural life time is something that just can not happen-




its like wanting to go to n y c but getting on a buffalo n y bound non-stop bus




also putting such spiritual gravity to pauls teachings is not the same as saying " before paul there was no true christian teachings"?




it seem clear to me that unless and until this very first " error in church teaching " is corrected The Saviors Own  House can not stand as is should-




as a Light House of Truth and Heavens Support for all that seek Him via His Way of Love and Faith as best as we are able.




what is your view dear one?




lets debate!




peace and good and tons o'love





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