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9 years ago  ::  Oct 05, 2009 - 5:43PM #1
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I'm more positive since reading online Sentinel articles & the Q&A sessions. I like the idea of the potential for harmony, at least among humans, though not objects or weather (for animals, it depends on how you define harmony there). Humans can do so much better! Many Christians, including me, have little or no concept of how (or are too "comfortable") to put the radical things that Jesus said to & about his followers into everyday practice, but I think that CS comes closest to doing so. The way CS honors humanity as God's image parallels the Catholic approach to "sanctity of life." I now have a greater appreciation for my own life & that of others, both human & pet, as a result of exposure to CS material. Also, the quote (Ret 21:01-22:02) someone shared about our mortal history as somewhat of a test is helpful to me, & the CS post-mortem "probation" parallels purgatory.


I'm Catholic but have pondered CS 30 years and still have trouble with some issues because [of]:

1) Unitarianism: Jesus not God is a deep theological issue warranting its own forum.

2) If God's not aware of evil or discord, He (I know CS also says "She") can't be omniscient, despite S&H 465:17. CS may ask, "How can S/He be aware of what doesn't exist?" Too simplistic for me.

3) A hurricane, visible from space, approaches land. God isn't aware of this or volcanic eruptions, avalanches (rock or snow) & the like, which are part of nature? If no animal, human or property is hurt, God is aware, but as soon as an animal, human or property is hurt, God ceases to be aware, or is just unaware of destruction? Is this related to the quantum physics question ("If a tree falls...)? (I did read the Sentinel article: "Good is the term for God.") A thunderstorm burnt our modem & we had no computer service until we obtained another modem, but the new one was better. You may say, "Thunder/lightning was disharmonious"; however, the disharmony led to the computer's greater harmony with the web, which my livelihood depends on.

4) CS says all life is indestructible (S&H 514:27), yet animals eat other animals, I find dead insects, lizards, even mice in my pool skimmer & see road kill all the time. If God knows when a sparrow falls, He must know about this. Also, crude oil originated with dead animals & plants.

5) Jesus knew of the tower falling & killing people, but didn't blame them (Lk. 13:4).

6) A Sentinel article said God didn't create bacteria. How can the author deny something proven? Microorganisms weren't "thought up" but discovered.

7) I had a severe stomach ache, then doubled over & vomited. Soon after, I broke wind & all was well-a simple mechanical solution. If a baby cries, don't you burp it (however, see S&H 413:24)? If you get a splinter, don't you remove it? If you get cut shaving, don't you dab the cut with tissue till it stops bleeding? If you scald your hand with hot water, don't you run cold water on it? One need not call a practitioner in these cases! We know small wounds naturally heal.

8) Pain has use: children born without nerve endings & can't feel pain hurt themselves unwittingly. We must be able to feel pain to pull away from extreme heat & other dangers.

9) My wife & I ate mushrooms from our yard then retched & had diarrhea, but these uncomfortable purges saved our lives. Maybe Apostles could avoid poison's ill effects (e.g. Paul), but we're no spiritual giants; plus, we couldn't help it.

10) Put a sealed container in the microwave & it explodes, making a mess & potentially destroying the microwave. Who's responsible? You are, but "physics" has laws unto itself, such as thermodynamics.

11) Birth defects: did mesmerism or animal magnetism have a role if neither doctor nor mother knew what would happen until a baby was born (less likely now with ultrasound)? Example: thalidomide.

12) I was born with an undescended testicle, later surgically removed. I don't miss it & feel no less whole without it.

13) I've seen no CS restore veterans' limbs. MBE said the Science of Life had to be understood in such cases, which is no small feat (S&H 489:2-8). I concede: Catholics talk about healing yet I've seen none of them do it though I've heard of saints doing it. I'm sure if Jesus saw the veterans he could regrow their limbs, but he also walked on water (c.f. S&H 172:23-31; 211:32).

14) Our now-crippled dog once jumped on & down from furniture, but we weren't aware it was a no-no until her back legs were paralyzed. After spinal surgery, she barely walks. We weren't warned of the risk of jumping, so provided no conduit for mesmerism. How did she become crippled?

15) If heaven's on earth where are the challenges? Is life supposed to be all ice cream & lollipops? Are we 3-year-olds? (I'm aware of "Unless you become like a child..." But what about "Be shrewd as snakes, innocent as doves"? See S&H 410:14-17).

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9 years ago  ::  Nov 11, 2009 - 5:35PM #2
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It sounds like you've made you're choice long ago.

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