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9 years ago  ::  Oct 01, 2009 - 11:09AM #1
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The Last Day and the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

       People may or may not believe in angels; and that is fine with me; and angels are not really concerned with what people think; they have other concerns.

       Thus what I will do in this post is assert what I heard from the Lord God through his servant John: and then the reader can go and see if what I tell them seems to be true. At that point the reader may want to find out more about how I arrived at the information: and that it more important; because Lord Jesus said it this way:

           "Let him who hath an ear: let him hear".

   The Sealed and Seal: the Voice of the Shepherd;

   the Holy Spirit of Truth; the Seventh of the Seven Spirits of God



            The Grail is Perfection: the Dead in Christ First Rise

       In chapter 13 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine two strange beasts are described; one comes out of the sea; the other one comes up out of the earth. I am going to explain to any serious student of prophetic literature what these two beasts are; in fact, I am even going to explain who our friend the great red dragon is also; since the dragon represents the kingdom of Egypt; consider this a gift from John; because it is his return which is the proof of the coming of the Son of Man.

        This involves the 4 beasts that we once saw in Daniel (7:12); which we see once again in the Revelation of John the Divine. To explain this would involve clear proof of the power of the Holy Spirit. For those who insist I am other than the "least in the kingdom of heaven" have missed the actual coming of the Son of Man; as one who walks upon the Path of the Just that consists of the 7 overcomings seen in the 7 churches; of which my forthcoming book explains the process in detail: as it is the Classic Ascension itself; the 7 churches as One Church being the Tower of Salvation: the "tower" Jesus Christ sat down and "counted the cost first" before he began to build.

The First Beast from the Sea of Time

         Let us look at Daniel 7:12 as compared with Revelation 13:1-18; and perhaps those who accuse me shall see if I do indeed hold the Book of Life of the Lamb: which is indeed the Revelation of Jesus Christ; just as the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Ark of the Testament within which this Book was carried; and where I found the hidden manna; the Testimony of Jesus itself.

           The first beast which rises from the sea has 7 heads and ten horns; and has the body of a Leopard; the feet of a Bear; and the Mouth of a Lion. John told me that this beast is the 3-in-one beast we call "the Axis"; the Leopard which Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Greece; in this figure Greece is represented by Germany; the Bear which Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Medo-Persia; in this figure Medo-Persia is represented by Italy; and the Lion Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Babylon; in the figure of the Axis Babylon is represented by Japan. What this means is that the beast which has 7 heads and 10 horns is just like the great red dragon in chapter 12 which precedes chapter 13; thus we have "Canaan" as the son of "Ham"; as the Axis is then the image or "son" of the Dragon.

The Axis is then a creature that is a "three-in-one" entity representing the 3 nations we presently know as Germany, Italy and Japan; who as "one power" were called "the Axis". Let us examine this further.

        Let us start with Germany in the position of Greece as the body of the Leopard. This makes perfect sense; because Germany had the fastest mechanized assault force ever seen in it's rapid tactics, and especially in it's armored formations closely resembles Greece's phalanxes. Next we have Italy in the position of Medo-Persia as the feet of the Bear. This also makes perfect sense as the brutality of Persia resembles that of Italy in Ethiopia. For those who do not know how brutal the "brown shirts" of Il Duce were; it is perhaps best they do not know.

          Lastly we have Japan in the position of Babylon as having the mouth of the Lion. Japan and it's claim of the divinity of it's Emperor have much to do with Babylon's hubris in trying to make a tower which rose to heaven; the Emperor's claim to be "the son of heaven" was also totally luciferic to God in it's arrogance and satanic pride.

          The three creatures Daniel thus saw go into the sea of time "for a time and a season" were obviously those which John later saw come out of the sea of time in their modern form: in the image of the Great Red Dragon of chapter 12 of the Revelation: which represents Egypt as the Kingdom of Darkness; for each of these beasts represents a kingdom; and the Kingdom which the dragon represents is Egypt; just as the Tail of the Dragon represents Sodom: but enough of that: what of the second beast which rises out of the earth? Karl Marx; the False Prophet.

          The Last Day and the Last Trump


          The Second Beast from the Earth

        The second beast is described as having two horns of a lamb; but speaks as a dragon. Let us first look at the earth this creature rises from: the earth here represents materialism; dialectical materialism to be exact; the rational ground that Hegel set up in his dialectic which consisted of "thesis; antithesis: synthesis".

        But if you take the "thesis" as "good"; and then add the "antithesis" as "evil"; then the "synthesis" you are going to get is "good and evil". If the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" springs to mind there is a good reason for it: you are looking at it's principle in modern terms.

     (( To defeat this philosophically one has to add what it lacks: the hypothesis; then add thesis; then the antithesis; finally having the synthesis on the 4 position foundation of "end" at the hypothesis; "cause" at the antithesis; "effect" at the "thesis" and then "result" at the synthesis; and remember this: the "end" is the "cause of the cause" just as the "result" is the "effect of the effect". ))

       This creature is said to have two horns like a "lamb". In the beginning at the First Church in Jerusalem everyone took their goods and sold them and put the money at the feet of the Apostles: this first principle was pure communism.

      Then they divided the money into an order of priorities: first came the old and the sick; then came the orphans and widows; next came the poor: and then the Apostles and their families came last: this second principle was pure socialism.

          This is what Karl Marx; the False Prophet stole from the First Church; trying to take the kingdom of heaven by force; making a kingdom of God without God; thus the lamb speaketh "like a dragon": atheism.

          The second beast is thus Marxism; the image of Karl Marx's philosophy.

         With the fascist totalitarianism of Italy; the socialist totalitarianism of Germany and the imperialist totalitarianism of Japan we have a pretty good idea of what the "treaty" between the Axis and Russia really was: the alliance between these two beasts or "kingdoms" of the Dragon; for the Axis represents the "anti-Israel" with it's ten horns; and the second beast represents the "anti-Judah" with it's two horns.

 The Unicorn of the Holy City: Christ Jesus is Day Light: the Light of Life; a gift from Emanuel Swedenborgian; the Virgin of the Fifth Church of the True Vine; the 5th Star in the Hand of the Amen; set upon the Fifth Lampstand: Blessed is he!


          The Advent of my Father Jesus's servant John

        The Axis and the False prophet thus stood in the position of the Global Canaan and the Global Balaam in stopping the Allies from making one democratic world under God: which brings us to the third beast; for the Axis looks like the Dragon just as Canaan looked like Ham; for Ham became Egypt; and his son Canaan became the 7 nations in their 10 tribe confederation which opposed Israel when it came into the promised land on the National Level.

        These two beasts represented the same forces in their Global forms that Canaan's armies and Balaam the prophet did on the Restoration into Canaan on the National Level. And the third beast? That would be the scarlet beast seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: Red China; now carrying the great harlot of the Market: incorporating the capitalist principle of the democratic nations into it's neo-Stalinist form of government: thus the "free market" is what is driving both capitalism and communism to combine: thus the scarlet beast is shown "carrying" the "harlot" of a new form of Marxism: and this is the worst case scenario of having the West now use Red China as it's "banker"; for the scarlet beast is the "son of perdition"; the spirit of the Antichrist that inhabits the global Judas: the "man of lawlessness"; the Global Terrorist himself. And who might that be?

The Revealing of the Antichrist


          The Sign of the Last Day and it's Arrival

         And the Antichrist? Take another look at our old friend: Osama bin Laden; a devil with the Devil in him; the Cosmic Judas himself. If one looks at II Thessalonians 2:2-4 and reads these words; to wit:

             "Let no one deceive you by any means;

              for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first,

             and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,

              who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped,

               so that he sits as God in the House of God, showing himself that he is God."

        But Osama bin Laden is the "fatted calf"; he is the one who is killed by the Father at the return of the "lost sheep of Israel"; My Generation collectively and Solomon individually. It is the return of the Prodigal Son which signals the end of the Antichrist; his days are numbered. 

        Osama bin Laden is he of which Lord Jesus spoke of when he said; to wit;

"Whoso lives by the sword: shall die with it".

      This revelation is an "uncovering" as of one who is what would be called a scribe instructed in the kingdom of heaven: a householder.

      The Word which was given to me came to me from my Father through his servant John; for that which I hear: I write; as it was spoken I would do long ago.

        Bless all who read this in the Name of El Elion; the Most High; in Love; the Mighty God; and from His servant John: who told us long ago "God is Love".

          And it is in the Name of this God who I call the Holy One of Israel that I tell the reader these things as the truth; not as I said of myself: but what I heard from John; the Beloved Apostle of Love.

Amen and Amen.

The Wrath of the Lamb; the Offspring of David

The lost sheep of Israel returns: the Prodigal Son
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9 years ago  ::  Oct 19, 2009 - 12:46AM #2
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Gee, Unicorn, this is one site where this kind of stuff does not gell. Swedenborg was not on drugs or green puff but had a rational revelation.

We all get moments of what we perceive as enlightenment only to be carried away with our own importance and wisdom.

If I was looking for a devil, I would not start or stop with Bin Laden. There are  bigger bullies on the block.

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9 years ago  ::  Nov 04, 2009 - 1:51PM #3
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Much of what you are pointing out Dostojevsky I would say that is right. On the other hand, Swedenborg was one of the greatest professors of seperation of church and state. In as much as the original post was against church and state (and one could say extremist groups of Moslems mix church and state clearly) and not trying to take a political stance in a religious form in and of itself then perhaps there is a point too. That may not have been meant in the original post of course.

Swedenborg himself had many political thinkings of other cultures and so on, none of which were revelations about the Bible or afterlife. But generally that kind of talk about cultures in the original post is nothing but argumentation material. Nobodies thoughts on other cultures including the original post, me, Swedenborg,  or anyone else can be considered part of  Christianity or derived from the Bible for example. God simply does not delve into our details to tell is what to think about other people.


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9 years ago  ::  Nov 04, 2009 - 2:25PM #4
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 The 5th Star in the Right Hand of the Amen



Dear Friends;

    Swedenborg is given the 5th Star in the Right Hand of the Amen; as of the Fifth Church of the Church of the Living God; as being the 5th Branch of the True Vine ( the Noetic One ) of which Christianity was as it grew due West from Jerusalem amnd went all the way to Korea; meanwhile  with Russia the Vine grew to where that Great Chain was upon the Largest Land Mass from 987 to 1987; 1,000 years.

   Russia suffered it's 70 Years of babylonian Captivity from 1917 until 1987; from 987 to 1917 was 930 years: the age at which Adam died in Genesis.

 This is spelled out in rather more detail in my book; but it is; of course; the gospel truth; and Emanuel Swedenborg is certainly set upon the 5th Lamstand which is that of Sardis; as the 5th Shepherd  to Overcome at the 5th Church of the House of God in the Tower of Salvation the 7 Churches really are; the Pillar and the Ground of the Truth of Jehovah; of which the first Lamb once said:


      "I am the Way  ( of Holiness )


                "I am the Truth  ( of Jehovah )     


               and "I am the Life  ( of the World ) 


 the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes is the Resurrection and the Life; at this: the Resurrection of the Just for those who Overcome in the 7 Churches on the Path of the Just.


Bless thee all in the Name of my Father Jesus


The lost sheep of Israel returns: the Prodigal Son
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