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9 years ago  ::  Aug 09, 2009 - 10:31AM #11
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Aug 9, 2009 -- 8:53AM, lulu2 wrote:

I believe we should live life with the abandoment of a child. Love all who come into our lives, and laugh and bring joy to ourselves and others. One can be serious in His love of God, and still express our joy, in the bounty that was given us, by God.. the defining remember God in all things..especially when it comes to JOY and Heartfelt Laughter! 

Dont know if this was what your post about..but it was what I felt I needed to add to the conversationSmile  

Well said!  What do you do to encourage this in your relationships?  What do you do to keep yourself joyful?

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8 years ago  ::  Jun 27, 2010 - 9:48PM #12
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I also feel individual Christians  find that Jesus is always present in their consciousness. While Christian Churches put God in peoples' hearts, Christian contemplation puts hearts in God. It gives a wider angle of vision so institutionalize doesn't mean fossilize because the individual is still growing. The oil of enlightened love is put in the latern by Jesus, but supplied by God the Father. This enlightenment guides individual Christians to their station in life, helping them understand their goals, Christ, the meaning of self, and the world. A sacred fire within Christian Mysticism illuminates the secrets of the heart and the knowledge of the mind.

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