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9 years ago  ::  May 06, 2009 - 10:32PM #1
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I don’t know if I should be  writing this here but every time I need help you have always been there. So here’s what’s happening my wedding is in 30 days :D:D:D:D . And as I hope that everyone here remembers that Mothers day in May 10  it’s Sunday that’s where my problem lies. I have completely stepped back from the LDS church and so has my hubby to be. But he wants to go to church on Sunday with his mom and yes I understand why. I  started going to a non-denomination church and I love it. It’s so much like that  church I use to go to. My hubby to be has came once before and it wasn’t for him and that’s ok with me at least he tried right. I don’t feel comfortable going to church with his family on Sunday and when I brought it up he got kind of up  set and I said if  I do go it’s more or less out of guilt ( that’s the  only reason why he came with me) and I’m not going to take part in sacrament  and I also don’t think it’s right for him as well since we do not go to church or fallow doctern  I don’t think that he should take part just to do it so he doesn’t disappoint his parents ( he dose anything to make every one happy and he is so afraid to disappoint some one ) or have to deal with a lot of questions from the  members of the church also  the missionaries live with his family. So if something is upsetting me when we are there we will go downstairs and talk with in less then 5 min one of them are there trying to “bring us back “ ( that is  the only why how  I can describe it ) What I wanted to do on Sunday is get up  I would go to the church I have started to go to ( and also my hubby to be has been pushing me to go more so I would make friends since I would with autistic children I don’t really have any friends my age here( we moved little  over a year ago and my job have taken over  my social life)  That’s why I am a bit pulled in two. I do all the driving since he hadn’t gotting his drivers  yet. He didn’t even ask if I minded getting up at  7 am after working tell 10 pm Saturday night then going to pick him up at work at 1 am (busses only run here tell midnight) he just took it for granted that I didn’t mind. It is  an hour and a half drive to his family. We wont stay the night there sorry if you thought of that. I have trust issues of who is in the same house as me when I’m sleeping ( I have had a  bad past) so we wont stay cause we would have to sleep a part  and I can’t sleep in a strange house with out him beside me. So back to the start if I don’t go he’s upset if I do go I won’t enjoy myself . I hope someone can relate and maybe  give me some advice 

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9 years ago  ::  May 07, 2009 - 7:15AM #2
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The bible says we are not to be unequally yolked...sounds like you might be.
It also says we are to honor our mother and father...isn't that what he is trying to do?
Please re-read your really sounds like your conflict is more about having your way
than it is about thinking more highly of others than yourself. With so much going on right
now (wedding plans) you may just be feeling stressed and (no social) lonely. Perhaps a
counseling session with your Pastor would help you sort out your feelings.
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