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8 years ago  ::  Aug 24, 2010 - 5:58AM #11
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Sidney Rigdon was associated with Alexander Campbell.  This is my theory, based upon the history and times and significant research by others:


Alexander Campbell did his own translation of some NT material and had quite a following.  Sidney did not think Campbell went far enough in the 'restoration' of the true Church and believed all offices were needed, as there certainly was not a 'unity' of the faith yet.  He discovered a manuscript written by Solomon Spalding and reworked it to sound like a bible story.  Then he sought out someone to help initiate his hoax.  If Campbell had a right to trifle with Scripture, so did he.  He found Smith and Cowdry and the evidence is that they had significant ties years before the Book of Mormon was published.  See "Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon".


Rigdon had much influence among the Mormons, and in fact had prepared a congregation in Ohio to be ripe to receive this 'new golden Bible' when the missionaries came around and he fained conversion and others followed.  After some time, Smith got tired of Rigdon running things and pretended revelations to take over the movement.  Anyone who questioned his authority was cast out.  The LDS have a colorful past that would really make a great movie if anyone wanted to tell the truth on them.


Fortunately, LDS have since abandoned many doctrines taught as true by Smith and Brigham Young - among these are the Adam/God doctrine *(that Adam is God) and polygamy, but they maintain polygamy in heaven - sort of a half abandonment:-)


LDS used the name 'Church of Christ' long before the 'Church of Christ' did.  In fact, it is the name of the Church in the Book of Mormon.  The 'Church of Christ' as we know it today, didn't significantly adopt the name until about 1900 or 1905.


I have the last page cover what the teachings of Jesus are in the book of Mormon as comparison to what Jesus taught in the Bible.  The book of Mormon does have some sayings of Jesus, but only about part of the Sermon on the Mount, and has Jesus telling the people to obey their Apostles instead of abiding in what He taught.


See Acts 3:22,23.  Is this as important as Acts 2:38?  Going to the great commission of Matthew, Jesus taught to make disciples of Him, baptize them, and to teach them to observe and keep all His commandments.  Tell me who today teaches that?  not just the two greatest commandments that Jesus said the rest hang upon, but the hundreds of teachings that He said is the doctrine of God?

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7 years ago  ::  Jul 07, 2011 - 12:34PM #12
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The church of Christ as we know it today did not use this name until 1900-1905???

See Romans 16:16.  See "Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery" written by Barton Stone and others in 1804.  The mainstream church of Christ as we know it today is a restoration movement intending to go back to the simplicity of new testament Christianity.  It well preceeds the Mormon movement invented by Joseph Smith.

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