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9 years ago  ::  Mar 16, 2009 - 12:12PM #1
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peace to all Our Savior Brothers friends and family!


in hope of The Truth bring us all liberation i will begin this work of exposing each and every falsehood i am given understanding of and hope to draw out from there shadowy hiding places those that would keep freedom in chains and His Truth buried beneath it all.


first issue- today's roman catholic church is based upon the model established by the murderous pagan roman emperor constanteen in about 322 ad. he took his sword and said to the community of believes do as i say or die. from that time on there was no longer christian persecution because there was no more christian church- only faithful servants of the earths wealth giving lip service to Heavens Light.


resolution- The Saviors  Church  must be freed from its vatican prison and removed from the neo-pagan pantheon of so called saints.


there is ONLY One God - Our Mighty Father! in unity- ONENESS with Him is Our Mighty Redeemer Brother! all that have been reborn into The New Life via His Command to Love are ONE with Our Father/ Our Brother for all time.


Our Savior Brother Himself established what His Followers are to be doing and how His Churches Leaders were to be chosen- and at no time did He say anything of a college of cardinals or flock of bishops or that anyone was to base the actions and thoughts to those of any other and such man made stuff like the bible!


no priest is needed by anyone to be the intermediary between God and man because Gods Son dose that Work better then anyone else ever could.

no sacrament can make anyone holy because only loving each other as Our King Commanded we love can make a human being Holy!


if you do not think these words are true- ask how many children have been raped by priest and other servants of yesterdays bible and ask " were the holiness there?"


peace and good and lots o'love




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