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Switch to Forum Live View how can any community or person serve The King of Truth while holding to there heart falsehoods?
9 years ago  ::  Mar 10, 2009 - 9:56AM #1
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The Saviors Peace be onto all!

i was born into the roman church and received all of its sacrament- however i was Redeemed by Our Loving Savior - Brother Yash'wa The Messiah from Nazareth and not the roman or any  church.

with the above facts clearly stated i feel the full  authority and true duty to My King- to Our King The Christ to make this posting and ask these questions:

how can anyone or any organized system that serves falsehoods at the same time serve Truth?

i say it can not.

but greater by far then me saying anything Our Brother Says " no one can serve two masters."

if falsehood is served then Truth is left out.

for nearly 1700 years now what is now called the roman catholic church has served falsehood and itself above all. proof of its false holiness is evident throughout  the ages and present in today multifaceted christian communities.

with each passing year it has grown further from Our Fathers Love because it has grown further from Our Brothers Way of Love, further from His Light, further off The Way of Love and Faith He Himself established.

are there members today living in this massive community that beloved by Our Holy King and Our Mighty Father? yes - each and every one are that and more.

is there members of this community past or now that is at a state of full holiness? yes many to be sure.

so you may ask " whats the problem then"?

the problem is we are called by Our Savior- Lord to grow in Love and that via Love as He Loves a very certain yield of Holiness grows- He called us to Believe in Him and His Way of Love so we can in turn become One With Our Father too - as He and The Father are forever one- that the two are not two but one- so to we all no matter our number will become One with all- One With Our Father God- via Love and ONLY LOVE. that when His Light is lite in our hearts it shines so others that are lost will find Home and rest in Our Fathers House.

in contrast when we darken his light with our own - all stay lost.

yet the roman church calls God three in One when all that have eyes to see with have long seen God is ONE.

We were left marching orders by Gods very own Son to Love each other as He Loves us- indeed we need to love to the point of laying down our life for one another- all on earth being friends via Our Brother and Friend- and none being beyond that holy tital of Friend to Our Savior -King.

the roman church say " life is the most important thing of all and it must be protected and continued and brought into the world no matter what ANYONE says.

My Master , My Servant and My All said we are to follow Him, to learn from Him, to be His Light in this very dark world and then left us all THREE COMMANDMENTS TO KEEP: ( personal interpretation follows)

1) hear oh isreal and all the world The Lord Our God is One- we must keep Our Love for Him above all else- because nothing made by man can compare or should complete with The One that Created Man.

2) Love your neighbor as you love your very own self or child or parent or mate. see in all other the love Our Father has for that one and it is an easy thing to love that one.

3) Love each other as The King of Love you.

but the roman church say its 2000 plus rules are greater then The Masters Rule and places them as MANDATES for membership into itself and states to all " with out church membership there is no salvation"

if they only knew just how self damming those words are...

but how can they know- they are clearly more comfortable with with self service then True Service to The King of Truth Himself.

one last word on The Word of God.

anyone that calls any man made thing "The Word of God" or even Holy is far from Truth.

Holiness is born and gifted from Heaven ALONE, and the bible itself in johns holy gospel ( it being holy because God gave it to him and not becouse it is contained in a book) states clearly

( personal interpretation follows):

In The Begining there was The Word.

The Word was With God - indeed The Word Was GOD.

Then The Word became Flesh and lived with us and died for us

so that the death created by man in the garden would forever end.

The Good News dear sisiters and brothers  in The savior is that all is not yet lost!

all that is wroung about the roman church and all other church communites can be made right.

all we need to begin is full faith in Our Fathers Might and then to life Our Brothers Way of Love as best we can- growing better at it with each passing day -and then one say we will wake living acording to The Sprite born from our uniqe love-

The Paracleate - Our Paraclete will guide each of us on.


peace and good and tons o'love







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9 years ago  ::  Mar 10, 2009 - 11:05PM #2
Thomas A Quinas
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The bible is very much a man made thing (humans wrote down accounts on papyrus which were later copied by scribes and eventually mass-distributed by printing presses) and people call it the word of God.  The mere fact that God uses humans to transmit divine law to the masses doesn't mean the laws themselves are not divinely inspired.

Holiness consists simply in doing God's will, and being just what God wants us to be.. -- St. Therese of Lisieux. For applicable reads: Uniformity with God’s Will by Saint Alphonsus Liguori ... or ... Story of a Soul
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9 years ago  ::  Mar 11, 2009 - 12:08AM #3
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Mar 10, 2009 -- 11:05PM, Thomas A Quinas wrote:

The bible is very much a man made thing (humans wrote down accounts on papyrus which were later copied by scribes and eventually mass-distributed by printing presses) and people call it the word of God.  The mere fact that God uses humans to transmit divine law to the masses doesn't mean the laws themselves are not divinely inspired.


human error vs. divine inspiration -

when Our Father puts His Word upon our hearts and we in turn put that word into an others ear we are doing the work of faith building according to way faith has always been grown.

but when we take that Word an put it onto paper what follows is the stuff of idols and with it are all the attendant spiritual dangers attached via the the humanized fruit that springs from it.

for to many "the writing is all to them"- if it not written it matters not and if it is written it mater more The  One that writ it First upon the writers heart.

i believe it is of highest importance to keep clearly in mind the fact that the Only THING Our Savior - Brother was ever known to WRITE was written on the sand before the eyes of those that were about the business of killing mary magdoin because they were enforcing "the written law" as best they understood that inspired writing  to be.

thanks for post your view.

peace and good and lots o"love



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