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Sticky: Your Random Life Events
1 month ago  ::  Oct 13, 2014 - 10:45PM #71
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Thanks guys for your concern.

Monday the 13th my arm has been free of the straps and sling for a week. Now I must go back to the hospital for therapy twice a week to get movement back into the shoulder and the muscles working again like they should. At least I can type with two hands now. What a year, we started it with my wife getting a pace maker, then my broken arm. Ah the golden years. At least now my wife will let me drive again. By the way we went to the restaurant where I had tripped on the sidewalk outside last Wednesday for lunch, got a hug from the cute server that always takes care of us. Also I found the City had repaired the sidewalk. At least some other old guy won’t trip on it like I did.


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