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10 years ago  ::  Jun 20, 2008 - 12:21PM #1
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Perhaps no man has done more to further the cause of gnosticm and new age philosophy in the church than Rick Joyner. His beliefs are carbon copies of those propagated by the Gnostics, occultists and the New Age Movement. In his book Civil War in the Church, Joyner claims that a war is coming between the grays (who he terms conservative legalists) and the Blues (those holding to the New Knowledge, or New Order). These “Grays” according to Joyner must accept the “New Christianity” or be removed from the earth.  Indeed we Grays may pay with our lives for our adherence to Biblical principals and awake to find that those who have betrayed us were the very ones we deemed most spiritual.

Joyner admonishes us to throw off the bonds of slavery to the “old” revelations and embrace the “new” revelations or progressive revelations of the “Latter Rain”.  He teaches against the literal second coming and labels those who believe in the rapture as having escapist mentalities. In its place we are to look for the rising of a victorious church that will put all enemies under her feet. This teaching sees Christ invisibly manifest in his ruling and reigning church. The emphasis is no longer Christ but the church and its new self-styled governing apostles and prophets.

The purpose of the revival is to prepare those who will accept it to go on to their final stage of development which will be the merging of God and man.  Its purpose is to openly introduce Christians to esoteric teachings and draw them away from the true Christ. According to the New Agers, “Charismatic congregations in main-line churches are entry points into the Aquarian frontier." The Unfinished Animal: The Aquarian Frontier and the Evolution of Consciousness. Alice Bailey, mother of the modern New Age Movement, claimed that agents would infiltrate the Christian Church to modify its message, while adapting it as a vehicle for the Universal Religion of the 21st Century.

Remember there is only one world church in the Bible and it is not Gods.The Kingdom of God will not be set up by men but will be set up by Jesus himself at the time of his literal coming. The only way to counteract these heretical teachings is through adherence to sound Biblical Doctrine.
In 2nd Corinthians verse 11 Paul was concerned for believers because, as Eve had believed the lies of the serpent, they were believing the lies of the false teachers who were leading them away from devotion to Christ. Jesus clearly stated that the end days would be characterized by deception marked by lying signs and wonders. Clearly we are being enticed away to another gospel and another Christ. Our choice is whether we will embrace the Truth or swallow the bacon-wrapped lie.

Luke 11:35 Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

[For more additional information view the following article The Outpouring of New Age Doctrine in the Church]
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