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9 years ago  ::  Jun 19, 2009 - 9:20PM #31
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I like the KJV its the only bible our pastor will preach from.

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9 years ago  ::  Jun 29, 2009 - 3:52PM #32
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Using the King James Bible is fine if you can understand the language, not just the words but the grammar and usage. This usally requires a twelfth grade level of reading skills. One needs a dictionary to look up the words no longer in general use today.

The King James we know and love is not the 1611 original but a 1769 revision thereof. The 1611 original had the full Catholic canon of Scripture which was an extra seven books in the Old Testament and additions to Daniel. The 1769 revision modernised the spelling so we can actually read and make sense of the text.

Because of my stand on the use of the common language in public worship and rejection of a temple language,(like Latin in the Catholic Church) I favor a good contemporary translation of the Bible in public worship.

For those who have faith, no explanation is neccessary.
For those who have no faith, no explanation is possible.

St. Thomas Aquinas

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5 years ago  ::  Jan 05, 2013 - 9:57PM #33
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I have 2 versions I like very much.  I think I like the NKJV the best. My Pastor reads from the KJV, but I can follow along and understand it better with the NKJV.  I also like the NIV version a lot too.  I can understand everything and I can also compare with the NKJV.  I have several other versions in my home as well and sometimes will compare the versions while studying.  

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5 years ago  ::  Feb 04, 2013 - 8:35PM #34
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   I teach New Testament Greek at a seminary, and I especially like the NASB which I regard as the most accurate English available today.  Having said that, I must also add that I don't think there is anything such thing as a perfect translation and there are some I would not recommend.  I also admire and like the KJV and love the magestic language it has. 

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4 years ago  ::  Jun 25, 2014 - 1:52PM #35
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I like my NIV Bible.  It was recommended to me by the wonderful ladies at the LifeWay book store.  I have a very old, brittle KJB, but it's the new NIV that I use daily, take to church and use in Bible study.  Last week, I purchased a woman's NIV study Bible that is very beautiful and easy to use when studying, but my plain NIV Bible has been with me since I became a christian two years ago and is like a faithful friend to me. Smile

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