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Switch to Forum Live View Why can the Church forgive abortion, but not me?
10 years ago  ::  Jul 25, 2008 - 9:54AM #41
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You are right that God knows our hearts and minds. We may be able to fool an annulment comittee like your aunt, but God will judge us for the true ways in which we lived.

I feel sorry for this woman too, and everyone else who may have put themselves in a situation where they have become emotionally attatched to a sin. It is the result of choosing which teachings we will follow, and which we will choose not to view as sin. The result of sin is pain and a strained relationship with God. But He loves us, and wants to forgive us. We just have to leave the sin and run to Him again. But God's forgiveness is like the parable of the prodigal son which came directly from Christ's mouth. The son left the sinful life he was living, and ran to his father, begging forgiveness. If the son had brought with him the gambling and drinking, and adulterous relationships, the parable may have ended differently.

In regards to your last paragraph, people CAN'T ge an annulment flippantly, however they can get the paper that says they did. An false annulment will not be  honored when we are judged.
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